Female Republicans Stand Up To Trump With These Dramatic ‘Un-Endorsements’ (DETAILS)


Though Donald Trump is highly unfavorable among women, he’s always managed to have healthy support from Republican women. However, Trump’s support from those women, including high-profile women who once were loyal Trumpsters, is dropping.

According to the The New York Times:

‘In what has turned into a steady drip, prominent Republican women from the worlds of business and politics have been publicly renouncing Mr. Trump over the past few weeks. Among them: Senator Susan Collins of Maine; Sally Bradshaw, a top aide and strategist to Jeb Bush when he was governor of Florida; and Maria Comella, a former top adviser to Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.’

Keep in mind Gov. Christie endorsed Trump early on.

The New York Times reported that several high-ranking women of the Republican party are calling Trump “emotionally unfit” and “a menace to national security.” Worse still is the fact that Trump is losing support from regular, everyday Republican woman due to his erratic behavior, comments on sexual harassment in the workplace, and his treatment of a Gold Star family. Life-long Republican women are turning their backs on Trump despite their hangups with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Dina Vela, a former Republican, plans to vote for Clinton, saying, “For people like me, who are Republican but reasonable and still have our brains attached, it’s hard to see Trump as a reasonable, sane Republican.” Jennifer Pierotti Lim also supports Clinton despite her history as a Republican. She commented, “We’re Republicans, she’s a Democrat, but the policy disagreements we have are far outweighed by the danger that Donald Trump poses to America.”

Despite his lead over Clinton with Republican women after the Republican National Convention, a poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS News shows that lead has droppped by 13 percentage points. This definitely isn’t a good sign considering women’s support for Trump was already below the support of the past three Republican presidential nominees: Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush.

Women especially have taken issue with Trump’s newest controversy, making remarks that gun owners should take action against Clinton if she is elected in order to protect the Second Amendment. Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, commented, “That kind of rhetoric is inflammatory, and I think we are seeing that women in particular have a real problem with it.”

Though the The New York Times noted this is definitely a cause for concern for the Trump campaign, it could potentially be a dilemma for Clinton as well. Clinton is not a favorable candidate based on the nation’s trust issues with her. By catering too much to Republican women, Clinton runs the risk of betraying already unhappy liberals.

The Clinton campaign has taken this into consideration and is reaching out to moms in eight swing states by releasing a commercial in which children are listening to Trump comments on television. The commercial then poses the question, “Our children are watching. What example will we set for them?” Regardless of the potential for issues, Democrats are pleased with the situation.

However, it’s important to realize that not all Republican women who do not trust Trump support Clinton. Several are still unsure what to make of their choices, and some are planning to simply vote for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. Also, Trump still has the support of many Republican women who plan to shoot themselves in the foot.

Featured image via Getty/John Moore