JUST IN: Donald Trump Accuses Secret Service Of Lying, DENIES Meeting About Assassination Threat


CNN’s Chief National Security Correspondent, Jim Sciutto, tweeted yesterday that CNN confirmed with the US Secret Service that they had met with Donald Trump after his remarks outraged the country with its insinuations that Americans with guns could stop Hillary Clinton from being able to choose Supreme Court justices should she become president.

‘If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although, the Second Amendment people, I don’t know.’

This insane statement sparked questions around not just the meaning behind the words, but what possible insinuations it may have in the mind of Trump supporters who may not be able to discern that they aren’t justified in leading an armed insurrection against Hillary Clinton should she be elected.

The remarks also prompted a call for Secret Service to investigate Trump as they would any other American who made threats to the life of a presidential nominee. Jim Scuitto confirmed today that they had done so, which surely would have been the first time a presidential nominee had to be investigated by the US Secret Service for threatening another nominee.

A CNN video producer, Elizabeth Anders, confirmed this and added that no further investigation was found to be necessary after the interview.

Donald Trump, however, says that this is untrue. He even responded to the story by tweeting insults on Twitter, because he’s Donald Trump and of course he did.

While most of us with any common sense have caught on to Trump’s habit of denying wrongdoing and blaming the media or anyone else he can think of when he’s called on to apologize for his disgusting remarks, this time he actually has some fairly heavy backup on his story.

Reuters Politics is regarding in most circles as biased toward their liberal reader base, but they’re confirming that Trump had no formal meeting with CNN.

‘Pushing back against a CNN report that the law enforcement agency had had “more than one” exchange with the Trump camp about the remark, an official familiar with the matter told Reuters there had been no formal conversations with the campaign regarding the comment made to supporters the day before.’

CNN has not responded at this time as to the veracity of the claims.

See the segment on CNN below:

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