JUST IN: Joe Lieberman Breaks Silence, Makes FIERY Presidential Endorsement (DETAILS)


Former Senator Joe Lieberman announced Wednesday that he has thrown his support behind Democrat Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

Just days ago, Lieberman, who notably backed Republican John McCain for president over Barack Obama in 2008, told Fox Business that he was unsure of who he would vote for in November. He said, “I’m one of those people, and there are a lot of us, who don’t quite feel comfortable either way yet.”

However, he announced his support for Clinton today.

Lieberman is far from the first unconventional force to get behind Clinton.

With the violently divisive candidacy of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ripping apart the GOP, many leading Republicans have “dumped” Trump and thrown their support behind Clinton.

These moves aren’t only ideological. The ranking Republicans jumping ship and joining the Clinton camp also have tactical concerns in mind. Trump’s open racism and sexism has not only torpedoed his own chances of winning, but also those of fellow Republicans across the nation.

Thus, many Republicans running for reelection in tight races didn’t even go to their party’s national convention in Cleveland. A smaller number refuse to get behind Trump, and are instead backing Clinton.

Clinton’s unconventional backers aren’t all there just for tactical reasons, however. Take Lieberman, for example. In 2000, the former Senator was Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore’s vice presidential running mate.

Lieberman was a Democrat until 2006, when he picked up an Independent Senate bid in an effort to keep his Senate seat. He lost the Democratic Senatorial primary, but as an Independent he won the general election and held on to his congressional seat.

Others, too, have thrown their support behind Clinton for positive reasons. Recently announced was the formation of the group “Republican Women for Hillary Clinton,” highlighting Trump’s inability to lure women voters of any political affiliation while simultaneously spewing his famous sexism.

Independent former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg is another example. Bloomberg announced his support for Clinton early in the primary season. This support recently culminated in Bloomberg addressing the 2016 Democratic National Convention, held just a few weeks ago in Philadelphia.

As Bloomberg noted at the time, only exceptional circumstances bring a non-Democrat to speak before the Democratic National Convention.

With all of these diverse groups getting behind Clinton, she is looking at an almost certain win come November. Everyone registered as a Republican isn’t a violent, racist sexist, and they aren’t all about to get behind a presidential candidate who is. Thus, they are in large numbers getting behind Clinton.

A smaller, but still significant, number of Republicans have chosen to back Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Combining Clinton’s Republican and Independent support with her support among minorities and women helps push her to the over 80 percent chance she now enjoys of becoming the next president of the United States.

Of course, there is still and there always will be a possibility for Trump to manage a win, but that possibility remains slim.

Featured Image via Joe Raedle/ Getty Images