Martin Sheen Humiliates Donald Trump & His Supporters In One PERFECT Sentence (DETAILS)


“The fight hasn’t begun yet. I promise you,” famed actor and activist Martin Sheen declared. “The tsunami that’s going to hit him has not reached the shore yet.”

Martin Sheen met with the Hollywood Reporter‘s Paul Bond to talk about his upcoming film, “The Vessel.” But it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to politics. When Bond asked Sheen what he thinks about “the current political landscape,” the star laughed and replied, “You can’t be referring to Don Trump?”

No, that’s not a typo. Martin Sheen seriously refers to He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named by this shortened and yet subtly belittling version of his name.

‘Oh, Don Trump. He makes me laugh, in that nobody seems to get it yet.’

And, naturally, Paul Bond took the bait and asked, “get what?” And then Martin Sheen let fly with his devastating answer.

‘That he’s an empty-headed moron. That he has absolutely nothing to offer us. That he’s done his bidding and he has to be responsible for the damage he’s already done.’

Bond asked, “What damage has he done already? He’s just a private citizen so far, right?” But Sheen wasn’t having any of that.

‘Oh, come on. There’s nothing private about this guy. Don Trump has been around for a very long time. He’s a very self-centered promoter. I think that says it.’

Martin Sheen certainly hit the nail on the head about the Donald’s relentless self-promotion. Not only has “Don” Trump constantly scrambled to keep himself in the public eye over the years, but he’s done a lot of meddling in politics.

On top of his short-lived bid for the Reform Party’s nomination back in 2000 and his 2013 CPAC speech, Mein Trumpf constantly dishes out his random brain droppings about politics on Twitter and to the press. And who can forget all the vile, racist, and borderline treasonous “birther” rumors about President Barack Obama being a Muslim who was born in Kenya?

Martin Sheen declares his support for Hillary Clinton.

Martin Sheen has never held political office, but his role on the popular and highly-realistic TV series “The West Wing” lends him a strong sense of who’s presidential and who’s not. So what does a strong candidate for president look like?

Martin Sheen says he’s a big supporter of Hillary Clinton.

‘She has some common sense. I’m not saying she’s mistake-free. Who is? I mean, she’s a human being. She’s been in public life for 30 years.’

He admits, “she’s made a few mistakes,” but calls out the GOP for their bogus “investigation” of Clinton’s emails.

‘Is anybody talking about George Bush and the 30,000 emails he destroyed about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and all of that nonsense, and how Great Britain came in, and all the other allies knowing full well that it was bogus?’

And don’t even get Martin Sheen started on Hillary Clinton’s handling of the Benghazi attacks.

‘So, please, if you want to talk about how much her mistakes have cost us, none in human lives — and please don’t mention Benghazi. That’s a lot of crap. She was not controlling that situation. It was a military situation. And that’s run by the Pentagon or the CIA or both. She’s under orders.’

Paul Bond and Martin Sheen also discussed his Catholicism: Like Vice President Joe Biden, he’s pro-life but has no desire to interfere with a woman’s right to choose. He also declares he’s pro-life across the board, unlike the so-called “Christians” in the GOP. Along with many of his fellow Catholics, the actor is also against war and the death penalty.,

They even found time to chat about his movie “The Vessel,” which arrives in theaters on Sept. 16. In it, Martin Sheen stars as a priest living in a small town whose elementary school gets flattened by a tsunami. And no, we don’t actually get to see the tsunami because special effects were not in the budget.

Martin Sheen: Donald Trump has “no chance” to win.

As their interview wound down to a close, Paul Bond couldn’t resist steering the conversation back to Donald Trump.

Paul Bond: One last question: Do you think Trump can win
Martin Sheen: No. No. There’s no chance he’s going to win.
Bond: No chance?
Sheen: None. Absolutely none.
Bond: Why is that?
Sheen: He has no chance. None. I promise you. The fight hasn’t begun yet. I promise you. The tsunami that’s going to hit him has not reached the shore yet.
Bond: And what does that tsunami consist of?
Sheen: All of us who are capable and ready to fight.

But who will create this “tsunami” of anti-Trump fighters, inquiring minds want to know?  Hollywood? Sheen then displays an amazing faith in America’s voters as he answers:

‘No, I’m not talking about Hollywood, I’m talking about the citizenry of our country. When they come to their senses and they realize what’s at stake, there will be an overwhelming disapproval of this man’s chances for the White House. I promise you. None. Zero. Donald Trump is finished.’

Let’s hope he’s right.

Featured image: Earl Gibson III via Getty Images.