Black U.S. Gymnastics Champion Endures Horrific Racist Tirade After Winning Gold (DETAILS)


This week, people from across the world are gathered in Rio for the 2016 world Olympics. A multitude of races, cultures, genders, and classes are sitting at the edges of their seats, biting their nails, while trying to find out what country will bring home the most gold medals. What would be a beautiful melting pot and plethora of new ideas, intertwined cultures, and acceptance is now being destroyed by ignorant and racist remarks coming from an envious competitor.

Houston native, Simone Biles, proudly won America and herself gold medals while competing in the 2016 World Championships this week. Her scorned opponent took losing to heart and blamed her loss on the color, or lack thereof, of her skin.

When speaking to a reporter on Friday, Carlotta Ferlito of Italy stated, as translated by Chicago Tribune:

‘I told Vanny (teammate Vanessa Ferrari) that next time we should also paint our skin black, so then we could win too.’

This kind of low blow and blatant display of extreme racism is what many nations have worked so hard to overcome. Yet, here in present day 2016, Italy has a representative gymnast giving no signs of remorse and joking about another well-respected gymnast only winning because the color of her skin, not her performance.

Biles’ routines have been nearly flawless, and she even scored a 9.9 in vaulting, breaking the previous record and scoring nearly perfect. This goes unacknowledged by Ferlito as she only wished to bring along morbid humor with her loss.

Upon gaining media attention, Daily Mail reports Ferlito apologizing on her Twitter page, though the posts have since been deleted.

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According to the tweets, Ferlito excuses her ignorant remarks with an even more idiocy and claims she “was too nervous” and “didn’t think about” it when speaking poorly about Biles. The sentiment is really felt when she ends her tweet with, “I’m so so sorry” rather than a direct apology to Biles, whom she so blatantly called out.

A glorious moment of nations across the globe coming together and supporting one another was ruined by one gymnast’s ignorant remarks. The goodwill of encouraging your opponents and wishing others the best was quickly destroyed as hate-filled racism spewed from Ferlito‘s mouth upon losing to Biles in the 2016 World Championships.

Watch Simone Biles routines below!

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