BREAKING: Trump EXPOSED For Lying About Wealth As Golf Course Hit With $236k Lien (DETAILS)


One fairly common argument supporting a Donald Trump presidency is his perceived business acumen. Let Trump run this country like a business, the supporters say, and we’ll all be better off.

Would we really, though? The evidence doesn’t really seem to support this.

For instance, Trump’s Doral Golf Club in Miami, a resort that caters to the wealthy, white golfer, just had its 23rd lien filed, this time for $236,000, according to the Miami Herald.

‘This lien, which opens the way for a forced sale of Doral unless it’s paid off, was filed Aug. 9 by Straticon LLC, the Martin County-based construction firm in charge of part of the $255 million renovation of the famed country club. According to the paperwork, Starticon says it’s still owed $236,472 for its work on the three-year project, which ended in June […] The lien comes in the wake of filings by 22 other contractors or subcontractors claiming that the Republican presidential nominee’s Trump Endeavor 12 LLC, the golf club’s owner, failed to pay their contracts in full.’

The 22 other filings include one by a small, family-owned paint supplier named The Paint Spot, whom Donald Trump and his company failed to finish paying for their $200,000 worth of supplied paint for the golf club. This is not an unusual occurrence for Trump-owned businesses, either. The same thing happened to the business owner who sold Donald Trump pianos for his Atlantic City casino, the Trump Taj Majal.

The same experience is reported by the man who sold the Trump Taj Majal its plate glass windows and their installation.

There have also been multiple reports of bad business practices at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, including a court ruling that Trump violated federal labor laws when his organization and its attorneys illegally harassed and intimidated workers for attempting to unionize while also paying them less-than-average wages.

There is also evidence that Donald Trump, the same candidate who denounces outsourcing by American businesses and the hiring of immigrants over foreign workers as part of his political campaign, regularly applies for visas for workers from outside the country. Why would he do such a thing? He can’t hire American workers because “they want full time jobs.”

Donald Trump’s business plan is stiffing American workers out of money and full-time jobs in order to make himself wealthy, yet right-wing voters insist that his ability to run this country the same way he does his businesses will “make America great again.” This is the plan we want for America?

Featured image via Flikr by Gage Skidmore available under a Creative Commons license