Michael Moore Writes Open Letter To Ivanka Trump: ‘Your Dad Has Gone Beyond Crazy’ (LETTER)


Michael Moore uses his documentaries like verbal machine guns to draw people’s attention to our public ills. The liberal filmmaker traditionally goes after the wrongs in our society with a vengeance. This intervention is very different.

Granted, Moore is passionate about the society’s ills, but it isn’t often that he directs his compassion to one person. The filmmaker has stepped up to plead with Ivanka Trump to help her father. She is one of the very few people the Republican candidate hears.

Moore, 62, directed and produced the highest-grossing U.S. documentary of all time. “Fahrenheit 9/11″ is about George W. Bush’s War On Terror. He also did “Bowling For Columbine,” about the horrific mass shooting in a Colorado high school.

Then there was “Sicko,” which showed how other countries’ healthcare systems compare to the U.S.’s. He has done 10 documentaries so far. The last one “Where To Invade Next” is about the benefits of Europe’s various forms of socialism.

But Moore sent his readers an amazing open letter Thursday, which was also published as an op-ed for “Raw Story.”

The filmmaker began by expressing his concern for Trump and for his daughter Ivanka. But Moore is bringing her what he believes is a hard truth. It would have been easier to hear these words from someone closer to the family, someone she knows and trusts:

‘I’m writing to you because your dad is not well. Every day he continues his spiral downward – and after his call for gun owners to commit acts of violence against Mrs. Clinton,

‘it is clear he needs help, serious help. His comments and behavior have become more and more bizarre and detached from reality.’

Then, the filmmaker calls for an intervention, and he makes his regard for Ivanka very clear. Plus, she is in a unique position to help her father:

‘He is in need of an intervention. And I believe only you can conduct it. He trusts you. He believes in you.

‘Although I don’t know you personally, you seem to be a very smart and together woman. I think he will listen to you.’

Moore believes that Trump’s most recent actions can be attributed to mental illness, that Ivanka’s father has stepped over the edge into dangerous behavior:

‘He must because he is now not simply a danger to himself, he has put the next president of the United States in harm’s way.

‘He has encouraged and given permission to the unhinged and the deranged to essentially assassinate Hillary Clinton. Her life is now in worse danger than it already was – and should anything happen, that will not only be on his head but also on those closest to him if they stand by and do nothing.’

The man who makes his living through pictures and words uses them to gently urge Ivanka to action:

‘I say this with the utmost kindness, care and concern for you, and I know you will do the right thing. Bring him in, off the road, away from the crowds. Now. Tonight.

‘And when you do, here is what a good friend of mine, a former counselor and social worker Jeff Gibbs, suggests you say to him:’

Then, Moore offers Ivanka a script that a counselor friend suggested, addressing these truths. He raised his children as liberals, and he endangered her friend Chelsea Clinton’s mother.

Then Moore speaks directly to the candidate’s daughter, admitting he has not always been pro-Trump. He reaches out to comfort the businesswoman and daughter:

‘Ivanka, I have faith in you that you can do this. I know I’ve called your dad “crazy” before, but I was speaking politically, not clinically. This has gone beyond “crazy.”

‘The entire nation — in fact, the entire world — needs you to step forward and do the courageous thing history will praise you for: the loving act of a brilliant daughter who also loved her beleaguered country enough to say her father wasn’t well and needed help.”

‘Thank you, Ivanka.’

Will Moore’s well-intentioned letter reach the target of his concern? It is hard to tell. Many people resist interventions and become angry. Maybe Ivanka Trump will adamantly disagree with Moore’s diagnosis. Maybe, she won’t be able to see beyond the filmmaker’s bio or find a way to trust him.

Time will tell. At least he tried.

To read the entire open letter, go to this link.

Featured Image: Thierry Erhmann via Flickr, Creative Commons License.
H/T: Michael Moore and Raw Story.