Republican Haters SILENCED One Year After CEO Raises ALL Wages To $70k (DETAILS)


As a gift of appreciation, Gravity Payments employees chipped in to buy their CEO, Dan Price, a brand new $70K Tesla. It’s not every day you see employees buying cars for their bosses, but they wanted to thank him for taking a chance in raising his employees’ salaries and improving their way of living.

In April 2015, Price shocked his employees by doing the unexpected and raising the minimum wage salary for each of them to $70,000 a year.

In an interview with CNN, Price stated he raised their salaries because the employees deserved it despite the short-term sacrifices he’s making. He states how he was willing to make the temporary sacrifice because he knew he would reap a long-term gain in the end.

Price stated.

‘If we’re able to pay everybody enough that they can  live a normal life within a mile or two of the office,  then to me there’s a moral imperative to create some small standard.’

When Price made the announcement to his employees that he was raising their salaries, a feeling of bitter-sweetness lingered throughout the Gravity Payments office. Some of the employees were ecstatic about the increase, while others were appalled and even went as far as quitting.

One of his valued former employee, Grant Morgan, made a statement about the raise after Price announced it. Let’s just say that Morgan didn’t seem too excited

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Price has received a lot of ridicule since his decision to raise the minimum wages. Many people have criticized him saying that he’s going to fail and questioning his work ethic. Fox News called Price’s gesture a publicity stunt. A Fox anchor went a little too far by stating that Price and his 130 employees were going to be standing in line at the welfare office.

A year after Price’s announcement, Fox News eats their words as the success for Gravity Payments skyrockets. Many employees are giving heartwarming testimonies on how thankful they are for Dan Price and how the raise in pay has improved their quality of living. Seeing that the employees all pitched in to buy their boss a brand new car, it serves as an example that charity, like most traits, starts at home — or in this case, the work office.

You reap what you sow. Dan Price raised his employee’s salaries to $70,000, his employees repaid him with a $70,000 car.  A spokesperson for the Gravity Payment team stated on their YouTube post:

‘We recently released the early results related to that minimum wage decision, A year later, we turned the tables and give him a taste of his own medicine. We pitched in in some small way and bought Dan his dream car — a Tesla. This is just one small piece of what’s happened in the past year.’

Here’s the heartwarming video of Dan Price receiving his gift from his employees.

Featured image provided by: Screen capture via YouTube