Clinton Campaign Releases BRUTAL Attack Video – Exposes Trump For BLATANT Lie (DETAILS)


The war of the campaign ads is in full swing, and Hillary Clinton isn’t holding anything back. Clinton has made numerous campaign ads disparaging Donald Trump for his rhetoric and blatantly disrespectful comments. However, her latest ad, which was released on Friday, will hit home for Trump, as it features prominent Republican officials pressuring him to release his tax returns.

“Pretty much everyone agrees that Donald Trump should release his tax returns,” reads a caption while the video shows a real image of Donald Trump signing a huge stack of tax return papers. “Even the Republicans agree.”

The 76-second video, entitled “Even Republicans,” includes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. All these men are taxing Trump to release his tax returns.

McConnell stated that for the last 30 or 40 years, every presidential candidate (including Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton) has released their tax returns, and he thinks Donald Trump should as well.

Mitt Romney said in the video:

‘We will only really know if he’s a real deal or a phony if he releases his tax returns.’

Conservative columnist George Will and Mitt Romney provided plausible reasons as to why Donald Trump is afraid of revealing his tax returns. Will suggested that Trump may be illegally tied to Russian oligarchs. Romney ridiculed Trump and intimated that he either isn’t as rich as he claims, hasn’t paid the tax rate Americans would expect him to, or hasn’t donated to charities like he’s said he has.

The video reveals that, in a phone interview, Donald Trump stated himself:

‘You know, if you’re running, at a minimum, probably you’re gonna have to show your tax returns.’

Trump said in another clip, “But if you didn’t see the tax returns, you’d think there’s almost, like, something wrong. What’s wrong?”

So, what’s wrong, Trump? Hillary Clinton has released her 2015 tax returns. No information has been provided about whether Trump will actually release his returns, but hopefully with all the railroading he’s receiving from Republican officials, he will be persuaded to disclose his financial records.

Here’s a look at Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign video:

Featured image provided by: Getty Images