In Stunning Reversal, Democrats Are Poised To Retake House & Senate Because Of Trump (STATS)


Democrats could very well be looking at becoming the majority Party in both the US House and US Senate come November.

Coupling the control that goes with majority status with the likely Democratic presidency, a wave of Democratic policies are likely going to sail into law throughout at least the next couple of years.

The ever increasing likelihood of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton taking the presidency is the biggest factor suggesting that the Democrats are about to take control of the US Congress.

Indeed, while there hardly are comprehensive polls to plot out the hundreds of Congressional races across the nation, there are comprehensive polls for the presidential race.

In the weeks following the two major parties’ respective national conventions, Clinton has seen her lead over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump take off.

The Real Clear Politics of national polls pitting Trump against Clinton now has Clinton up well past the margin of error, at 6.3 percent.

Donald Trump hasn’t appeared on top in national poll results for over a month. Even then, his so called leads were few, slim, and well within the margin of error for the polls considered. Thus, there really has never been a definitive Trump “lead” over his Democratic rival.

Featured below is a screenshot of the graph depicting the Real Clear Politics Trump vs. Clinton over time.

rcptrumpvsclintonia In Stunning Reversal, Democrats Are Poised To Retake House & Senate Because Of Trump (STATS) Election 2016 Top Stories

With Clinton holding such a dramatic lead, Democrats are almost certainly going to pick up enough Senate seats to become the majority party.

The possibility is also very real that Democrats will pick up the few dozen seats required to take the majority in the House of Representatives as well.

The reason for this is that Clinton holds leads in Congressional districts across the country that currently have Republican congressmen.

The New York Daily News writes:

‘Republican consultant Adrian Gray reports that in his modeling of the race, Hillary Clinton is ahead in 54 Republican-held House districts, while Trump is ahead only in 3 Democratic districts. If this persists, and is bolstered by a Clinton margin over Trump of greater than 8 points, it’s bye-bye House.’

As has long been known and feared by many of these vulnerable GOP leaders, the simple association of belonging to the same political party of Donald Trump almost guarantees their stunning defeat.

In addition to pure hatred for Donald Trump, many of those loosely associated with the Republicans are also well able to ideologically shift away from GOP extremism in order to vote Democrat.

As the Washington Monthly writes:

‘One Democratic strategist says the fissures within the Republican Party have created new opportunities for Democrats who can appeal to suburban “economic moderates.” ‘

This knowledge kept dozens of vulnerable Republican Congressmen away from the Republican National Convention. In addition, those among the Republican leadership refusing to throw their full weight behind Donald Trump almost certainly have desperate tactical concerns in mind.

Although many Republicans are looking for some glimmer of hope for their party’s viability in November, they aren’t finding it.

With Clinton’s lead climbing higher and higher- and staying there- while Trump continues to run his campaign into the ground, Democrats are looking at a rosy November.

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