Mike Pence’s Right Hand Man FORCED To Resign Over Sexually Explicit Video Cheating On Wife


While most people are aware of the current GOP VP nominee, Mike Pence, and his push for laws that support “religious freedom,” i.e. legalized bigotry against LGBTQ folks, fewer have heard the name Jud McMillin. McMillin (R-IN) co-sponsored the bill that made Mike Pence a household name for all the wrong reasons.

“Religious freedom” laws in Indiana proposed to be about constitutional rights, and McMillin, according to his website, supported them as:

“A champion of the religious right’s crusade against marriage equality […] ‘I will protect the integrity of the institution of marriage,’ the site read. ‘In southeastern Indiana the family has always been the foundation of our strength of community. Our relationships with our wives, husbands, parents, children, siblings and other loved ones provides the glue that binds our common purpose. In these times of turmoil the rest of the country could learn something from our example.'”

Protecting an Indiana resident’s right to discriminate against LGBTQ people was so important, Mike Pence and the co-founder of the law, Jud McMillin, were willing to risk Pence’s voter approval rating and violate the civil rights of LGBTQ citizens because they believed so fiercely in “the sanctity of marriage.”

So how does a man whose Christian faith and marriage mean so much to him behave once those laws are established? He cheats on his wife, of course. Then he, or someone else, “accidentally” texts video of himself cheating on his wife to everyone on his contact list.

The Indianapolis Business Journal reports that:

‘Sources close to the Republican caucus said someone obtained McMillin’s phone and discovered at least one video that showed the lawmaker involved in sexual contact. The sources did not detail who else was involved.’

That video was texted out to everyone on Jud McMillin’s contact list. Shortly after, McMillin issued a strange statement saying that he had left his phone in Canada and apologized for anything “offensive you may have received.”

His next statement announced that he was resigning to focus on his family. Perhaps that’s something he should have done long before he lectured anyone about the “sanctity of marriage” and all the ways that loving, committed, same-sex couples are harmful to that sanctity?

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