Senator Claire McCaskill To Donald Trump: You Are A ‘Bloviated God Damned Fool’


Senior US Senator from Missouri Claire McCaskill blasted former Republican Speaker of the US House Newt Gingrich on Twitter today.

Gingrich has long been one of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s most prominent and vocal supporters.

Gingrich, who himself ran a failed campaign for president in 2012, was even touted by insiders as being on Trump’s shortlist of possible vice presidential picks in the days before Trump announced his actual pick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Gingrich was also vocally in support of Trump after the candidate’s former primary rival, Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, refused to endorse him from the stage of the Republican National Convention. After Cruz’s speech, Gingrich invented a description of Cruz being like a “garden party guest who poured acid on the flowers.”

Horrifyingly awkward comparisons were on Gingrich’s agenda again today, drawing the harsh criticism of Senator McCaskill via Twitter.

Gingrich took to Twitter today to compare Donald Trump to World War II era President Harry Truman.

Gingrich’s justification was that Trump was an “outsider… blunt, plain spoken, and willing to fight the establishment.”

You can see Gingrich’s tweet below.

Well, Senator McCaskill was not about to stand for that utterly ridiculous claim. She quickly took down Gingrich’s comment, saying:

‘For a history guy, you don’t know much about Harry Truman. He’d call out Trump as a phony, bloviating, god damned fool.’

Indeed, to compare Trump to Truman as Gingrich did is more than problematic. Truman led the United States out of the World War II era after having served as Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s vice president.

Trump? Trump doesn’t have anywhere near the capacity to do that. Trump’s strategy isn’t to end wars; it is to start them. And to say that he is an outsider misses the fact that Trump has inserted his dirty money into politics for decades.

This kind of controversy is the furthest thing from foreign to the Trump camp, with leaders all the way up to President Obama himself roundly denouncing Trump time and time again for his ridiculous and dangerous remarks.

Featured Image via Senator Claire McCaskill on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.