BREAKING: Two Muslims Brutally Murdered Leaving NY Mosque: ‘We Blame Trump For This’


Two names can be added to the list of casualties of Donald Trump’s hatred.

That isn’t a figure of speech. Late Saturday afternoon, an imam and his assistant were brutally gunned down in Queens, New York.

As of late Saturday afternoon, the imam, recent Bangladeshi immigrant Alala Uddin Akongi was confirmed to have died of his injuries. Akongi leaves behind a wife and three children. One of his sons was set to be married a week and a half after his father’s death.

Akongi’s assistant, 60 year old Thara Uddin, was taken to the hospital but died soon after. Both men were reportedly shot multiple times in the head and chest.

The attack has been quickly denounced as a hate crime by members of the local community who gathered at the mosque to mourn.

One local resident, 33 year old Khairul Islam Kukon, offered a chilling statement to the New York Daily News on the attack.

He said:

‘That’s not what America is about. We blame Donald Trump for this…Trump and his drama has created Islamophobia.’

The shooter, who has not yet been taken into custody, drove up to the victims as they left their mosque after Saturday afternoon services. Both men who were shot were clearly identified, via their dress, as Muslims, and they were only a block from the place of worship, the Al-Furqan, Jame Masjid, Inc. mosque.

Thus, there is no question that the attack was motivated by hatred of Muslims.

Neither is there any question that Donald Trump has been one of the single most potent voices to incite this hate over the months since he announced his campaign for president.

Although Trump began his sickening campaign on a note of hatred for Mexicans, he quickly pivoted to include Muslims in his hatred as well. After members of the Islamic State terror group carried out a terror attack in Paris, France, late last year, Trump coughed up his latest “policy proposal.”

To a rousing round of applause from his assembled supporters, Trump said late last year that as president he will institute a “total and complete ban” on Muslims entering the United States.

Although Trump has been met with intense criticism for his proposed Muslim ban, he continues to stand by the proposal to ban an entire people group from entering the United States.

Donald Trump has today become responsible for two deaths among the Muslims of Queens, New York.

These kinds of atrocities won’t stop if Trump manages to force his way into the White House, becoming president of the United States. Although the chance for him to do so is slim, it is still real.

In the meantime, he continues to push forward this violent and lethal hatred. Where the hatred will go after his likely crushing November loss is still to be determined.

You can watch a video segment discussing the incident below, via the New York Daily News.

Featured Image via Jeff Swensen/ Getty Images.