Racist Republicans Respond To Milwaukee Riots In Most Disgusting Way Possible (REACTIONS)


Right wing racists are freaking out on Twitter after African Americans in Milwaukee rose up in protest over the shooting death of a black man late Saturday night.

The responses collected under the Milwaukee hashtag consist of at least as much anti- black ranting as actual news.

One social media user stands out, going by the username @LawlessPirate.

This individual, self-identified as a “24y/o white guy waiting for his privileges to kick in,” has been calling for military scale violence against the Milwaukee protesters for hours.

“Military scale violence” isn’t a figure of speech. Check out three of his most recent posts below.




Some of his posts are more graphic than others, such as the one featured below saying to “shoot them both,” referring to an African American man and child who are both holding firearms.


Notably, many who follow the same kind of ideology as @LawlessPirate are actually proud to have their children carry firearms. Thus, these right wingers turn out to be racially selective yet again in their defense of “gun rights” — but that’s not a surprise.

After all, after legal gun owner and African American Philando Castile died at the hands of police while reaching for his identification, the white right wing “gun rights advocates” went silent.

This Twitter user, going by “Trebor,” has a cover photo featuring Donald Trump in a patriotic background, announcing his presumptive passionate support for the Republican presidential nominee.

And that support is only fitting. Donald Trump has long woven calls for violence into his “campaign speeches.” Trump has directed these calls at both reporters he doesn’t like and protesters who have interrupted his rallies. He even recently called for violence against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Trebor,” however, is only one of many echoing similar racism.

Others, while not as violent in their posts, blamed Democrats for the protests, including President Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Other Twitter users blamed the media, such as through the cartoon drawing you can see below.


These few Twitter users are far from alone. Plenty of users spouted off hundreds upon hundreds of racist and violent posts.

A selection is below.


“@Meet_Joe_Cool” said, speaking of the blacks protesting in Milwaukee, “They are animals.”

And all of these racist posts found thousands upon thousands of racism-hungry Twitter users to receive them.

And somehow, in their world, racial tension in America isn’t their fault, but Obama’s and Hillary’s.

Featured Image is via Twitter