8 Year-Old Girl Sends Powerful Letter To President Obama That He Wants Us To See (LETTER)


A handwritten letter written to President Obama, from a little girl whose father is in the Air Force, was posted to the White House’s Facebook and Medium accounts on Friday. In this letter, 8-year-old Lily told Obama that the country “needs more spunk.”

The little girl said that the U.S. is a very sad place with all of the terrorist attacks, Zika outbreaks, and wars and suggested Obama do something fun to make it better. “Wear a tie-dye shirt and shorts to something important,” she wrote. “Go on a water skiing trip in the Caribbean. Take your family to Disney World. Do something fun and outgoing.”

Lily closed her letter by congratulating Obama on serving almost 8 years and thanking him for being such an inspiration. She also told President Obama that her dad is in the Air Force and has inspired her to have president as her second job choice.

Lily’s letter can be seen in the Facebook post below:

Obama, being the phenomenal president that he is, responded with a letter of his own, which read in part:

‘Dear Lily,

Thanks for the fun letters and suggestions. You seem like a great kid, and I can tell you’ve got plenty of spunk to help keep our Nation strong! While I don’t know how the First Lady or my daughters would feel about me wearing a tie-dye shirt in public, I do know that one of my greatest responsibilities as President is ensuring your generation can thrive — and that includes making sure you can live in safety and reach for boundless opportunity.’

In his letter, President Obama also emphasized the importance of speaking out about the nation’s challenges, no matter what is happening in the world. He reminded Lily that she plays a big part in shaping the world, no matter which career path she chooses.

Obama acknowledged Lily’s worries and assured her that, even after his presidency is over, he will continue to take action to ensure that children nationwide are limited “by nothing except the scope of their imaginations and the size of their dreams.”

The President closed his letter by thanking Lily for her advice and telling her to thank her father for his service to our nation. This letter is just one of the many reasons that our AMAZING president will be greatly missed.

Vote Lily for president in 2056!

Featured image via Getty Images.