BREAKING: Ivanka Trump Caught On Camera Vacationing With Putin’s Girlfriend (IMAGES)


Many now know of Donald Trump’s international connections to other world leaders, including Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, but most people don’t understand the extent. The NY Times’ published an article yesterday showing that Trump’s campaign manager’s name appears in a handwritten ledger in Ukraine 22 times over 5 years. Now, we have photos proving that Ivanka Trump just went on a lavish vacation in Croatia with none other than Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend.

The two can be seen above in a picture taken on the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the pals were seen hanging out and enjoying someone else’s money. The other person in the picture is Wendy Deng Murdoch, the ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch, the former owner of the Fox News Network.

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Courtesy of Instagram

Ivanka posted the picture to her Instagram account, which then went viral almost immediately. Deng and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin have been romantically involved for at least a few months, and both were divorced from former spouses within a year of each other.

While Trump promises that he has never even spoken to Vladimir Putin, this revalation makes those claims pretty impossible to believe. What are the odds that Trump’s daughter and Putin’s girlfriend are friends enough to vacation together, but that Trump has no knowledge of the relationship at all? Slim to none.

This casual vacation photo has raised eyebrows of people who have assumed that the rumored connection between Donald Trump and the Russian dictator was true. Deniability is something Trump no longer has. When it comes to his ties to Russia, Trump has a very personal connection.