Republican Leader Calls For ‘All Out Revolution’ If Hillary Clinton Is Elected (DETAILS)


Conservative columnist and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan declared in a recent blog post that, if Donald Trump loses the election, there could be a revolution. How could that possibly happen? Because, according to Buchanan, the system is rigged.

Buchanan agrees with the current Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, who told rally goers in Ohio and Fox News’ anchor Sean Hannity:

‘I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged.’

2016 has been the “Year Of The Outsider.” This year, 74-year-old Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders “set primaries ablaze with mammoth crowds that dwarfed those of Hillary Clinton.”

2016 has also been the year of the non-politician — Trump. He beat over a dozen other candidates during the Republican primary. More importantly, Trump and Sanders both represent the anti-establishment.

Yet, Clinton alone remains standing against Trump. Sanders is gone. Clinton is definitely part of the establishment after being First Lady for eight years, a New York U.S. senator for eight years, and Secretary of State for four years.

What we have learned in this election is that if the establishment’s party is in danger, the establishment will rise up like a ferocious monster. Sanders fell before the Democratic leadership. Trump is now being threatened by the Republican establishment. Buchanan wrote in his post:

‘Trump is unacceptable. Instructions are going out to Republican leaders that either they dump Trump, or they will cease to be seen as morally fit partners in power.’

The demand from the Republican establishment could invalidate Trump and remove him entirely, “aborting the democratic process.” So how does the establishment, which is supposed to take orders from us, end up making us take orders from them? Buchanan says:

‘Specifically, the Republican electorate should tell its discredited and rejected ruling class: If we cannot get rid of you at the ballot box, then tell us how, peacefully and democratically, we can be rid of you?’

‘You want Trump out? How do we get you out?’

Buchanan also argued that the globe has been in upheaval:

‘The Czechs had their Prague Spring, the Tunisians and Egyptians their Arab Spring…the Brits has their “Brexis.”‘

‘When do we have our American Spring?’

He wants Americans to consider how we wil free ourselves “from a Beltway Superstate.”

Buchanan also discussed Trump’s desire to replace internationalism, a global economy, with “Americanism,” or isolationism.

‘He called for an economic policy where the Americanism of the people replaces the globalism of the transnational elites and their K Street lobbyists and congressional water carriers.’

Trump has also come down hard against NAFTA and TPP international trade agreements, but they keep popping back up due to Wall Street, the Business Roundtable, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce resuscitating them.

In his post, Buchanan pulled out a quote from John F. Kennedy when talking about the potential for a revolution in the United States:

‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.’

Our country had a social revolution in the 1960s and early 1970s. It came when people became tired of the Vietnam War. Buchanan ended his post with the threat of another social revolution if Clinton wins:

‘But if Hillary Clinton takes power, and continues America on her present course, which a majority of Americans rejected in the primaries, there is going to a bad moon rising.’

‘And the new protesters in the streets will not be overprivileged children from Ivy League campuses.’

Could be. After all, Buchanan is one of the brightest conservative minds around.

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H/T: Buchanan’s Blog.