Donald Trump Releases ASTONISHINGLY Fake Medical Report From Doctor With Fake Website


Donald Trump has released a letter of “astonishingly excellent health” on his campaign website from a doctor. Rather, he claims to be a doctor, but the letter includes a Gmail address and a fake website to confirm that this is really a doctor.

In fact, Dr. Harold Bornstein is listed as a doctor of gastroenterology, not an internist or a general practitioner that would offer physicals or complete medical examinations. The letter, which can be found here in PDF form or viewed below, also uses some odd, non-medical terminology to describe Trump’s health as well as a few other questionable statements and pieces of information.

2016-08-16-15_27_55-Donald-Trump-Tests-Positive-for-Everything-According-to-His-Own-Doctor Donald Trump Releases ASTONISHINGLY Fake Medical Report From Doctor With Fake Website Donald Trump Election 2016 Politics

Bornstein says that Donald Trump has been seeing a doctor in his practice, first Bornstein’s father and then Harold Bornstein himself, but never mentions why Donald Trump would have needed to see a doctor of gastroenterology for thirty-nine years. A gasteroenterologist is also not qualified to speak on the condition of a patient’s heart or general health, but those aren’t the only reasons the letter is coming into question.

Bornstein lists a Gmail address where he can be reached, which is incredibly rare for a doctor, but the questions don’t stop there. According to Kurt Eichenwald, who wrote a scathing piece for Newsweek about the doctor’s letter, the website that Bornstein lists is a fake.

‘There is also a website listed, but if you follow the URL (, sometimes it takes you to, a blank page that asks if you want to upload an update to a Flash program onto your computer (the domain name,, is still for sale. No, I can’t explain that.) If you decline, it does so anyway and, based on the response of the security system on my computer, the “program” on the doctor’s supposed website is a virus. (Other times it takes you to a generic medical website. No, I can’t explain that either.)’

Of particular note, however, is a sentence from the letter that sounds far more like something Donald Trump would say about himself than any doctor would say about a patient.

‘If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency.’

As Eichenwald noted in his piece on the letter, that sentence on its own is questionable and odd. This is a medical doctor assessing the health of a patient against 43 other men whom he never examined or can state with any certainty how their health would have compared to Donald Trump’s.

Doesn’t this statement also sound just a little too Trump-esque? It isn’t, “I’m in great health.” He’s “the healthiest person EVER.” Just as Trump’s tax policy is the greatest policy EVER and his words are the BEST words. Since when is “astonishingly excellent” or “the heathiest person ever” commonly used medical terms?

They aren’t, and questions about the veracity of the letter stand.

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