JUST IN: President Obama Accused Of Bribing Investigator To Smear Political Candidate (DETAILS)


Donald Trump has made some extremely ludicrous accusations towards President Barack Obama lately. Despite the comments being blamed for his drop in polls and a supposed Republican intervention to get his campaign back on track, he does NOT plan to stop making those accusations anytime soon. It’s what he does.

Along with “sarcastically” accusing Obama of founding ISIS, Trump is now accusing him of bribing New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman into investigating the failure and suck pot that is/was Trump University.

According to The Huffington Post, Trump made these allegations in February. The Huffington Post theorizes that the American public is just now hearing about them because Trump already makes so many “ridiculous and offensive remarks.” The media just can’t keep up.

During a Bentonville, Arkansas campaign rally, Trump alleged that Obama made a campaign contribution of $15,000 to Schneiderman from a law firm that represented Trump University scam victims. No, there is no evidence to back this up, and no, he didn’t try to offer any. He told the crowd:

‘The attorney general of New York meets with Barack Obama in Syracuse. The following day he sues me. What they don’t say is, I believe, fifteen thousand or a lot of money was paid to the attorney general by the law firm in California that is suing me.’

Trump then added that he believed it was all set up against him and made comments about the Hispanic judge who presided over the case. Those comments went unnoticed until the nominee made more comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel back in June. He complained in February that the judge showed, “tremendous hostility, beyond belief.” That’s when he brought up the judge’s race, saying, “I believe he happens to be Spanish, which is fine, he’s Hispanic, which is fine.” He then went on to mention that he was considering asking the judge to recuse himself.

However, he went back to target the New York Attorney General and President Obama by emphasizing:

‘All of a sudden, the attorney general — his name is Eric Schneiderman, not respected in New York, doing a terrible job, probably is not electable in New York, but who knows — and he meets with Obama, gets a campaign contribution, I think, I think its fifteen thousand dollars, and all of a sudden, he meets with Obama in, I believe Syracuse, and the following day or two he brings a lawsuit against me.’

The Huffington Post, however, did some fact checking that creates a problem for Trump and his allegations. Trump University is facing three lawsuits. According to CNN, one was filed in California as a class-action lawsuit claiming Trump University, “failed to deliver on its promises to provide a premier education.” Another class-action lawsuit was filed representing students from California, Florida, and New York.

And then, there’s what Trump is complaining about in New York. Trump was found to be liable for running an unlicensed school and misleading thousands of “students.” This was during a time when the economy was hard hit and people were looking for any way to improve their situation. In many cases, customers paid with their life savings.

Schneiderman, at the time, remarked on “Good Day New York”:

‘This was a bait and switch in the hardest economic times, preying on people who could not afford to buy these programs. Mr. Trump used his celebrity status to lure people in.’

The Huffington Post also laid out a timeline that conflicts with Trump’s remarks. The contribution that Schneiderman’s campaign received was actually two separate contributions made five years BEFORE Trump started running for president. The California lawsuit was filed six months before that and before Schneiderman was even attorney general. Judge Curiel also wasn’t the judge for that case, as he wasn’t appointed to the federal bench until 2012.

This is a testament to Trump’s personality and what he would offer America as president. He makes ridiculous allegations with little to no facts and portrays himself as the victim when countless men and women’s hopes for a better life were preyed upon. This is also a sign that there may be much more that the media has missed in the GOP nominee’s speeches.

Featured image via Getty/Darren Hauck