Donald Trump’s Lawyer Goes On CNN & Proceeds To Have Mental Breakdown (VIDEO)


Michael Cohen, a lawyer for the Trump Organization and frequent spokesperson for Donald Trump, completely humiliated himself on CNN tonight when he responded to Donald Trump’s falling numbers in the polls with just two short words, “Says who?”

During an appearance on CNN Wednesday, Michael Cohen and CNN host Brianna Keilar shared an uncomfortable moment when Keilar asked Cohen to comment on Trump being behind in the presidential race.

Keilar told Cohen.

‘You say it’s not a shake up, but you guys are down.’

Cohen rudely interrupted.

‘Says who?’

Dumbfounded, Keilar responded back.

‘Polls most of them, all of them.’

After what seemed like an eternity of awkward silence between them, Cohen asked again, “Says who?” Keilar retorted again, “Polls. I just told you. I just answered your question.”

Cohen then questioned, “Which polls?” “All of them,” Keilar responded. Cohen, having no rebuttal for her response, finally ended the back-and-forth banter by saying, “Okay, and your question is?”

Earlier in the interview, Cohen was already upset and even ridiculed CNN for implying that Donald Trump’s staff changes were a desperate measure to try to say Trump’s campaign.

‘There’s no shake-up. Look at the words that you use and you blast at the bottom of your banner. Shake-up, overhaul, dramatic, desperate measures. There are no desperate measures. The campaign is on its way to victory and yet you still use these ridiculous words in order to insight something.’

Cohen stated that the terms CNN used were not indicative of what’s going on with the campaign, and is adamant that Trump’s campaign has a fighting chance at winning the election.

Apparently, Cohen hasn’t been paying attention to the decline of the GOP campaign’s polling data. According to the General Election Polls, Hillary Clinton is currently six points ahead of Donald Trump.

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Picture of poll data. Courtesy screenshot of Real Clear Politics website.

FiveThirtyEight’s polls-only forecast give Hillary Clinton an 88.3-percent chance of winning the presidency, while The New York Times has her at 87 percent. Nevertheless, polls reveal that the Democratic nominee is still towing over Trump, and Republicans are outraged.

Video of Full CNN Interview with Michael Cohen

Feature image provided by: Courtesy screen capture of YouTube video