JUST IN: Prominent Republican Holdout FINALLY Makes Presidential Endorsement, Campaigns Stunned


In an op-ed published by the Salt Lake Tribune entitled Op-ed: This lifelong Republican will be voting for Hillary Clinton, author David Irvine wrote an exceptional, genuine, and well crafted argument explaining why Republicans, Utahans especially, should not vote for Donald Trump.

While venturing on a trip to Ancient Greece, Irvine explored the deserted landscapes of the lost empire, and couldn’t help but wonder what was the cause of the empire’s decline and collapse. Irvine stated that political/military disasters caused by incompetent leaders are a key contributor to the downfall of an entire empire.

Irvine also discusses his encounter with two women reading a newspaper during a layover flight in Dusseldorf, Germany. Irvine asked the women their opinions of the American election and Donald Trump. Their carefully measured responses were staggering.

‘Why would your country elect such a dangerous person- not just a danger for you, but such a danger for the rest of us? He’s just not a serious person; He doesn’t seem to know much about the rest of the world. He is a crazy man.’

David Irvine has been an active Republican for the majority of his life, and has noticed that the Republican Party, once home to visionary thinkers and leaders, is in the hands of an inept man who behaves like the “caricature of a banana-republic dictator.”

Irvine is left with the impression that the GOP no longer has noble candidates, and refers to George Washington claiming he is the epitome of a near perfect candidate. Trump is far from perfect, as Republicans have to constantly distance themselves from the discordant nominee who continuously makes outrageous, disrespectful comments, and even disparages the sacrifice of a heroic Army officer’s Muslim family.

Irvine compares Trump to Sen. Joe McCarthy, along with his McCarthyite wanna-be demagogue, claiming that they both advocate “Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry and Smear.”

Many Republicans and affiliated voters reached out to Irvine, asking him to consider endorsing Hillary Clinton. Irvine complied and stated that he will be supporting Hillary.

‘Some retired military flag officers, for whom I have high regard, contacted me about endorsing Hillary Clinton, which I’ve agreed to do.’

In regards to national security, Irvine claims that Trump doesn’t have the temperament to make critical decisions about war and peace. His lack of self control and habit of exploding when situations aren’t going in his favor serve as a plausible reason as to why Donald Trump shouldn’t be in control of nuclear weapons.

‘Trump revels in being a bull in a china shop, but that mentality scares seasoned national security hands to death.’

Irvine tries to argue that Utah’s electoral votes are imperative, and if Republicans continue to support Trump, he will be moving into the White House taking the position as Commander in Chief and become responsible for making executive decisions regarding our nation’s future.

‘Yet we live a political reality that unless Hillary Clinton gets more electoral votes, Trump and his tweeting fingers will be moving into the White House, where the nuclear codes also reside.’

Irvine concluded his argument with an ultimatum that voters will soon have to face during the upcoming primary election.

‘It’s entirely possible that this election could turn on Utah’s electoral votes. Recognizing that reality, every Clinton vote is crucially important. A nonvote or a Johnson vote is a vote for Trump.’

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