Anti-Semitic Trump Advisor Says Holocaust Never Happened Because ‘The Ovens Were Too Small’


What kind of clueless moron would seek foreign policy advice from an anti-semitic Holocaust denier like Joseph Schmitz? Donald Trump, of course.

McClatchy reports that Joseph Schmitz’s bigotry has gotten him into some pretty serious hot water. For starters, he’s accused of bragging about getting Jewish coworkers fired back when he was the inspector general for George W. Bush’s Defense Dept.

Daniel Meyer, a former official in the Pentagon inspector general’s office, wrote about Schmitz:

‘His summary of his tenure’s achievement reported as “…I fired the Jews.”‘

Oh, but wait. The plot sickens. In the same complaint, Daniel Meyer declared that John Crane, another top Pentagon official at the time, insists Joseph Schmitz is a Holocaust denier.

‘In his final days, he allegedly lectured Mr. Crane on the details of concentration camps and how the ovens were too small to kill 6 million Jews.’

That’s right. Joseph Schmitz (allegedly!) claimed that there’s no way the Holocaust happened because those ovens at Auschwitz were too small to “kill six million Jews.” First of all, Nazi Germany didn’t actually bake their Jewish prisoners in the ovens. They used the ovens to cremate them. Second of all, anyone who has actually visited the sites of Auschwitz and other concentration camps can see that those ovens were definitely big enough.

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Photo: Muslim Cdn Congress via Twitter.

Joseph Schmitz, of course, claims he’s not anti-Semitic at all. In an interview on Tuesday, he protested the allegations, saying they are “completely false and defamatory.” He protested in an email that he can’t possibly be anti-Semitic because his wife is Jewish.

‘I am quite proud of the Jewish heritage of my wife of 38 years.’

Of course, Mein Trumpf’s foreign policy advisor walked that back less than a day later.

‘Later in a phone interview, he said his wife was not a practicing Jew but “ethnically Jewish” because her maternal grandmother was a Jew.’

These accusations of anti-Semitism have made their way into another case. David Tenenbaum, an Army engineer, is using these allegations to back up his claim that people high up in the Pentagon propagated an anti-Semitic culture. A letter from Tenenbaum’s lawyer states, “The anti-Semitic environment began under a prior Inspector General, Mr. Joseph Schmitz.”

The allegations against Joseph Schmitz are not the only indicators of anti-Semitism in Donald Trump’s campaign.

This is not the first time people have questioned Donald Trump’s judgment in picking the likes of Joseph Schmitz as an advisor. Back in March, The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill described Donald Trump’s top foreign policy pick as “a radical Christian supremacist” during an interview with Democracy Now‘s Amy Goodman.

‘And Joseph Schmitz is a—you know, is a radical Christian supremacist. He is a member of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta and really is sort of a—you know, has a neo-crusader worldview. And I’m choosing those words carefully. I mean, that’s—he is definitely a radical Christian supremacist.’

The allegations against Joseph Schmitz are not the only evidence of anti-Semitism in the Trump organization. Remember that gaffe when Mein Trumpf told a group of Jewish Republicans that he sees himself as “a negotiator like you folks”?

And then there’s that thing about who Donald Trump wants counting his money.

And remember when he tweeted this meme with Hillary Clinton with a Star of David and a pile of money?

Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, who happens to be Jewish, staunchly denies that his father-in-law is anti-Semitic.

‘His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has publicly defended him, saying that as a Jew and the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, he has never found Trump to be anti-Semitic.’

WATCH: Democracy Now exposes Joseph Schmitz as “a radical Christian extremist.”

Joseph Schmitz served President George W. Bush as the Defense Dept.’s Inspector General in 2002 and resigned in 2005. Why? Because he was accused of protecting high-level Bush officials who were suspected of malfeasance. He’s also a former Blackwater Exec. Yes, that Blackwater (now called Academi), the shadowy defense contractor that massacred civilians in Iraq (14 dead, 17 wounded) and raked in a whopping $1.3 billion in U.S. State Dept. funding between 2007 and 2014 alone.

Featured image/composite (L-R): Joseph Schmitz via Linked In; Muslim Cdn Congress via Twitter; cc 2011 Gage Skidmore via Flickr.