Bill O’Reilly Show FLIES Off The Rails After He DEMANDED Black People Support Trump (VIDEO)


During his show on Wednesday, Bill O’Reilly made some sort of attempt at explaining to black voters why they should vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Yes, that Donald Trump — the open and proud racist who degrades minorities every chance he gets since they are, in his world, a “threat” to the “America” that he wants to make great again.

As you might expect, O’Reilly’s show didn’t go well, and it quickly turned into him seeing how loud he could yell. But does his show ever go well?

He began the clip, which is featured at the end of this article, by addressing one of his guests, defense attorney and African American Andell Brown.

“Lately, according to the polls, Mr. Brown, only 2 percent, 2 percent, of African Americans currently support Mr. Trump, so in any crowd,” O’Reilly quipped, “there’s not going to be very many of them.”

The Fox host continued:

‘But, I don’t understand why, and let’s take Trump out of the equation for the moment, because Romney didn’t do well, and McCain didn’t do well.. single digits [of support among African American voters] for both. So why is it that the African American community doesn’t say, look, we had a Black president who didn’t really help us very much, Democratic party hasn’t really helped us very much. Maybe we go supply-side economics and go look for a guy that’s gonna stimulate the economy and that perhaps might be better. Why don’t they do that?’

Brown was ready to respond. He pointed out that black people aren’t out of line for refusing to support someone who has openly incited hatred against them, saying, “Well, you also have to look at what Trump has said and done [himself]… In November of 2015, Trump retweeted a very highly inaccurate, casting African Americans in a bad light, tweet that basically said that black people killed 81 percent of white people.”

Brown started to continue when O’Reilly shouted him down. O’Reilly said that he had “already noted” that Trump was “foolish” to transmit the “fallacious stat.”

Aw — Bill O’Reilly can say big words like fallacious. Seriously though, does he really think that African American voters should vote for Trump just because he is willing to say something Trump did was foolish?

Evidently, that’s exactly what he thinks. Not only that, but in O’Reilly’s world, black voters should just quietly submit to his white man’s knowledge. He “doesn’t understand” why black voters have the gall to think for themselves.

After O’Reilly spouted off some more racism that hearkened back to the Civil War era, he was on the receving end of an epic smack down from Reverend Jacques Degraff, who told O’Reilly:

‘Black people, just like any other group in America, are perfectly capable of determining their own best interest.’

Preach it, Reverend.

You can watch the segment discussed in this article below.

Featured Image is via screenshot from the video.