Donald Trump Jr. Just Retweeted REVOLTING Sexist Slam Against Hillary Clinton (IMAGES)


Donald Trump Jr. proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If Trump isn’t busy calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “drug dealers,” his son is agreeing that women who experience sexual harassment should just quit their jobs, or his son is defending his father’s attack on a Muslim gold-star family.

Trump and family couldn’t be satisfied with their endless and outrageous racism, misogyny, or Islamaphobia, however. Now they can proudly add ageism to the list of the mess they continue to make of their campaign on Twitter.

The offensive tweet originated from Monica Crowley, a Fox News analyst. Crowley tweeted out a story from the American Mirror website, a right-wing nutjob favorite. The site features a section written by Sally Miller, a woman who makes YouTube videos explaining her theory that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian who has had multiple abortions. It’s not surprising that a Fox News analyst would consider the American Mirror a reliable enough news site to retweet their stories, the American Mirror is simply a slightly more extreme version of Fox News.

What is surprising, although it shouldn’t be, is that the son of a presidential candidate would retweet such sexist and ageist slams against a political opponent.

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The dig at Hillary Clinton due to her age is ironic, considering that Donald Trump is two years older than Clinton. Pointing out that Hillary Clinton is a grandparent as some type of insult is also ironic; Donald Trump has eight grandchildren and Hillary Clinton has two. Is Monica Crowley’s intention to say that only men can be healthy and fit enough to lead the country in their 70s? She is certainly insinuating that older women, grandmothers, are objects of derision.

Considering that Donald Trump, Jr. retweeted it, we can assume that he agrees.

Recent theories from the Trump campaign around Hillary Clinton’s failing health are both sexist and ageist. Casting aspersions on the physical and mental fitness of a candidate just two years younger than the candidate and his campaign making the disgusting claims reinforces misogynistic beliefs about a woman’s ability to lead the country.

At this point in the campaign, we have a signed letter from a chair of internal medicine named Dr. Lisa Bardack assuring Clinton’s fitness for the presidency. We have a letter from a gasteroenterologist whose website is fake, addressed “To Who It My Concern” for Donald Trump.

Who do you believe?

For even more ridiculous weigh-ins on Hillary Clinton’s health, see the clown named Dr. Drew speak about a patient he’s never examined below:

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