Fox News Host Flips Management The Bird, Admits LIVE That They Are LYING About Polls


Fox News host and former White House correspondent Dana Perino on air told viewers that her cohost Eric Bolling was lying to them about the polls in this presidential election. The polls do matter, and here is why.

In the 2012 election, Fox News tried the same tactic of telling its views to dismiss the polls. According to Politicususa, Boiling said:

‘But these polls, Dana. Honestly, we have to stop with these polls. They’re insane with the polls. Just look at what’s going on. You look at a Trump rally, and there’s twelve, fifteen thousand, ten thousand people…You look at a Clinton rally. You have fifteen hundred, two thousand.’

That is when Perino on Fox’s “The Five” laid the truth on him:

‘It is a real disservice to his supporters to lie to them that those polls don’t matter. You can not take twelve thousand people at a rally that are your definite supporters they are going to show up for the campaign and then say the polls are wrong.’

But that didn’t stop Bolling from his packet of lies. He tried to pass off the idea that people who state they are voting for Clinton in the polls aren’t really voting.

‘He claimed that rally size was the only significant presidential election measurement.

Perino wasn’t having any of Bolling’s obvious malignant statistics:

‘That’s exactly what we said in 2012. The people who supported Romney were told that the polls were wrong. Romney’s going to win, and they were so mad and disappointed.’

That is when Greg Gutfeld joined in the debate:

‘Yeah, they stopped watching because they thought we lied to them, and we deserved it.’

Perino was hot about Bolling’s lies, so she kept unwinding the lies on Twitter:

Clearly, Perino is greatly concerned about how Fox News is impacting the Republican Party and how the current Republican situation could harm Fox News. The idea that polls make no difference is way off base.

After all, Bernie Sanders brought in huge crowds by any measure, but particularly as compared to Hillary Clinton. But by Bolling’s logic, Sanders should have won in the Democratic primaries. He didn’t.

Why is Fox News presenting “news” so false that its hosts cannot bear to regurgitate it? The network clearly believes its audience is unthinking and will believe anything. The truth is, when people cannot swallow Boilling’s hype, Fox News will suffer.

Check out the video below. You’ll be glad you did:

Featured Image: Dana Perino’s Twitter page.
H/T: Politicususa.