Ivanka Trump Gets Trolled HARD By Liberal Jewelry Company (DETAILS)


Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. As with other members of the Trump family, she has had a prominent role in her father’s campaign. She even spoke on his behalf at the Republican National Convention.

Considering Ivanka’s involvement in the Trump campaign, you might be surprised to find out that she donated money to Hillary Clinton. To be fair, Ivanka herself was also probably surprised to find out that she had accidentally given money to her father’s rival.

Ivanka ordered an ear cuff from the Lady Grey jewelry line. Upon seeing Trump’s name on the order, the line’s owners, Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader, felt compelled to donate the proceeds to a few charities, including Clinton’s campaign. They even wrote a letter to Ivanka and posted it on Instagram.

Dear @ivankatrump, #thanksbutnothanks #payitFORWARD

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‘Dear Ivanka, Thank you for your web order! We’re happy to let you know that the proceeds of your sale have been generously donated to the American Immigration Council, the Everytown for Gun Safety Organization, and the Hillary Clinton campaign. We hope you enjoy your new Lady Grey #helixcuff. Best, Sabine and Jill.’

Martinelli and Le Guyader said that they were flattered that Ivanka liked their jewelry. However, they find her father’s political views to be distasteful.

‘The note was included in her package and shipped last week directly from our studio in Brooklyn. While we were flattered to receive an order from Ivanka Trump, our social and political views couldn’t be further from those of the Trump campaign. When we received her order, we instantly felt compelled to take the money and donate it to a few organizations that were more aligned with our ideals.’

As amusing as it is to think that Ivanka Trump’s money went to fund her father’s political rival, it is important to remember that it is technically Lady Grey’s money at this point.

After all, Trump did receive the jewelry she ordered, so what Lady Grey does with that money is their business. Check out Ivanka’s speech from the RNC here:

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