JUST IN: Senate Democrats Catch Undercover GOP Operative Attempting To Sabotage (DETAILS)


Allison Moss seemed to be a great choice of volunteer for former Senator Russ Feingold’s reelection campaign. She professed to be deeply concerned about the environment, labor issues, and women’s health, all issues that are part of the Democratic party platform.

“’I really like, like, women’s health, the environment, that’s something that I’m passionate about,’ ‘Moss’ told a campaign staffer when interviewed about her political interests when she returned to the offices Tuesday. ‘I know in Wisconsin, it’s a big thing, like, union rights, worker’s rights, it’s such a big thing and something that it’s like sad that people in Wisconsin have to fight for stuff like that but Scott Walker has made it just so hard for them.'”

The vetting process for a new volunteer, however, failed to find a legitimate “Allison Moss” who existed in the form that the woman claimed to be. Her Facebook profile had been created only a few days before. Her phone number turned out to be an out-of-state number.

The only connection found between the “Allison Moss” who applied as a volunteer for Feingold’s campaign was a matching photo of “Allison Maass” a woman who was busted for trying to infiltrate Hillary Clinton’s campaign just one year ago under the name “Allison Holmes.” During the prior incident, Maass tried to bait Clinton staffers into accepting illegal donations to no avail.

Now, she’s trying again to frame a Democratic candidate’s campaign. Instead, she was busted during an interview with the Feingold staff. Staffers found a webpage with a matching photo of “Moss” and “Maass” listing her as a campus correspondent for a student newspaper at the University of Minnesota. Her webpage lists her credentials and agenda:

‘As a Campus Correspondent, Allison Maass exposes liberal bias and abuse in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. She is a senior at the University of Minnesota studying professional journalism and graphic design and is Editor-in-Chief of the student publication The Minnesota Republic.’

When she was confronted about the fraudulent reasons she gave for wanting to volunteer and the inconsistencies with her name and phone number, Maass continued to insist that she was who she said she was and that she only wanted to help. Once she was shown the webpage listing her agenda, she changed her tone.

‘Yeah, I’m not going to be answering any questions. So if you want me to leave, I’ll leave. If you want me to stay, I’ll stay.’

Maass was asked to leave the office and not return. Be forewarned, folks. This is the GOP, the party so vocally concerned about liberals infiltrating the Trump campaign, at work.

See video below of Alex Jones’s conspiracy theories about liberal infiltration of his buddy, Donald Trump’s, campaign below.


Featured image via Campus Reform website