Trump LIVID After Artist Planted Naked Statues Of Him In 5 Major U.S. Cities (GRAPHIC IMAGES)


“I don’t expect these things to last more than 30 or 45 minutes,” the artist explained when asked about the naked Donald Trump statues that appeared in cities across the U.S.

‘But I would love to watch some irate 65-year-old Trump supporter try to take the thing down with his bare hands.’

The Washington Post reports the adult Trump statues gave passersby in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Seattle quite an eye-opener Thursday morning.

‘Hoping to strip away the Teflon Don’s legendary confidence to reveal the fleshy mortal beneath the expensive suits and long ties, members of the anarchist collective INDECLINE decided they would showcase the aspirant president in the most humiliating way they could imagine: without his clothes.’

INDECLINE aptly named the naked Trump statues project, “The Emperor Has No Balls.”

You’ve probably never heard of Ginger, the Las Vegas sculptor who created these grotesque, bloated, life-size versions of the GOP’s sorry excuse for a presidential candidate. But he’s renowned among insiders for the scary monsters he creates for haunted houses and horror movies.

‘When the guys [from INDECLINE] approached me, it was all because of my monster-making abilities. Trump is just yet another monster, so it was absolutely in my wheelhouse to be able to create these monstrosities.’

GInger told the Washington Post he worked 25 hours a week on the naked Trump statues and used 300 pounds of clay and silicone since INDECLINE hired him in April. The biggest challenges were giving Mein Trumpf’s scowl a “constipated look” and making his physique look realistic but “unsettling.”

‘If somebody were to look at my browser history, it would be a little disturbing. Turns out there’s not too many Google results for “saggy old man butt.” ‘

The Washington Post adds that “Each statue weighs 80 pounds and was glued to the ground using industrial strength epoxy, an adhesive that dries within several minutes.”

The creator of the naked Trump statues admits he once considered voting for The Donald but changed his mind because Trump kept opening his mouth.

Twitter reacts to the naked Trump statues.

The first statue went up in New York City’s Union Square, complete with a saggy, veiny paunch and other anatomy.

The naked trump statue also turned out to be a Pokestop.

In San Francisco’s Castro District some checked out the Trump statue’s reproductive parts. One is missing, the others are extremely small.

Los Angeles also got to host one of the Trump statues in their Los Feliz neighborhood.

It appears folks from Seattle were eagerly waiting for their statue on Capitol Hill so they could snap some selfies.

The one in Cleveland got taken down before many people saw it.

The one in New York City also quickly came down.

Photo: Spencer Platt via Getty Images.