WATCH: Hillary’s Latest Attack Ad Exposes Donald Trump’s Massive Tax Return Secret (VIDEO)

New attack ad hits Donald Trump with his own words.


A new Clinton campaign ad will hit the airwaves today, stinging Donald Trump with his own words and the words of his political party regarding his refusal to release his tax returns.

If the Clinton campaign has learned anything since the national conventions, it’s that Donald Trump writes his own negative ads. All they have to do is wait for Trump to open his mouth and provide plenty of great copy proving why he’s such a poor choice for president.

According to CNN, the latest ad focuses on Trump’s secrecy regarding his financial standings. Some critics, including Hillary Clinton, claim that Trump may not be worth anywhere near what he claims, and since his argument for election is his superb financial chops, they feel that his business acumen might not be much of a reason to elect him.

The Democratic nominee has also begun to turn focus on Trump’s refusal to come clean with his financials during her campaign stops. According to CNN, Clinton has been adding the following statement to her speeches:

‘If you believe that Trump is as wealthy as he claims.’

There have also been accusations that Trump is deeply involved in Russian businesses and either owes a great deal of money to Russian bankers or is heavily invested in Russian enterprises. Some commentators have even suggested that his debt is the reason for his public support of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

In the newest attack ad from the Clinton campaign, clips of establishment Republicans and conservatives are used to call out Trump for continuing to hide his tax returns from public scrutiny. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is shown speaking against Trump to an audience at the Hinkley Institute, saying:

‘We will only really know if he’s a real deal or a phony if he releases his tax returns.’

Senate Majority Leader and Republican Mitch McConnell is also shown talking about how presidential candidates of both parties have fully disclosed their financial information by releasing their tax returns for the last three or four decades. McConnell goes on to say:

‘And I think Donald Trump should, as well.’

Some Republican stalwarts have even posited theories about exactly what Trump is hiding in these returns. Well-known conservative columnist George F. Will suspects the Republican candidate is hiding the fact that he’s “deeply involved in dealing with Russian oligarchs.”

Mitt Romney suspects that Trump is hiding the fact that he isn’t as wealthy as he likes to brag he is, doesn’t pay an appropriate and fair tax rate, or doesn’t make the charitable donations he claims to have made.

The real stinger in the ad, however, is using Trump’s own words against him. The ad features Trump saying during an interview:

‘If you didn’t see the tax returns you would think there is almost, like, something wrong. What’s wrong?’

The new ad is titled “Absolutely” and will be begin airing on Thursday. The title refers to an interview with an Irish TV station where Trump said he would “absolutely” reveal his tax returns.

Clinton released her own tax returns earlier this month, with campaign aides stating that they have been available to the press dating back to 1977.

From Clinton’s first anti-Trump ad, which showed Trump using foul language and making fun of a disabled reporter while several small children watched him on television, to the next one where his own party members said they were suspicious of his position on Russia, her campaign has not had to reach very far to form arguments against a Trump presidency.

Feature image via realDonaldTrump Twitter