Bernie Sanders Issues JUBILANT Response To America’s End Of Private Prisons (RESPONSE)

Bernie Sanders praises DOJ decision to phase out use of private prisons.


After a landmark decision from the Department of Justice today, former presidential candidate and current Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, sent out a press release applauding the decision. According to an announcement by Deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates, the Department of Justice will be phasing out the use of a private prisons to support federal prison authorities.

The corruption in our criminal justice system has been one of the important issues in the Sanders platform for the presidency. Sen. Sanders introduced legislation last year to ban private prisons along with three Democrats: Raul Grijalva of Arizona, Keith Ellison of Minnesota, and Bobby Rush of Illinois.

Sanders released his statement regarding the DOJ’s decision to phase out for-profit prisons on Thursday:

‘Our criminal justice system is broken and in need of major reforms. The Justice Department’s plan to end its use of private prisons is an important step in the right direction. It is exactly what I campaigned on as a candidate for president.

‘It is an international embarrassment that we put more people behind bars than any other country on earth. Due in large part to private prisons, incarceration has been a source of major profits to private corporations. Study after study after study has shown private prisons are not cheaper, they are not safer, and they do not provide better outcomes for either the prisoners or the state.

‘We have got to end the private prison racket in America as quickly as possible. Our focus should be on keeping people out of jail and making sure they stay out when they are released. This means funding jobs and education not more jails and incarceration.’

The announcement from the Department of Justice follows handily after an investigation into the private prison system just released. According to Mother Jones, the investigation found serious deficiencies in the safety and security of private prisons, which house around 12 percent of federal offenders.

According to findings by the inspector general’s investigation, private prisons had a 28 percent higher rate of violence between inmates and more than twice as many assaults on staff per capita when compared to federally run prisons. Prison officials also found twice as many weapons as compared to facilities run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The investigation also found that private prisons dealt with overcrowding by shoving new inmates into isolation or solitary confinement units that normally held inmates who were being disciplined.

In light of the decision to phase out the use of private, for profit prisons, Senator Sanders also tweeted the following:

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