JUST IN: New Clinton VS Trump Georgia Poll Released – The Results Are HISTORIC!


Georgia is now battleground territory after a new poll revealed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are now tied at 43%, followed by Libertarian Gary Johnson at 11, and 3% of voters still undecided.

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Picture of Georgia Polling Data. Courtesy screen capture of Real Clear Politics

According to a new FOX5 poll, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are now head-to-head in the race for the red state. FOX 5 Political Analyst Matt Towery stated:

‘Georgia is definitely now a true ‘battleground state,’ as much as its neighbor Florida. In fact, in many ways the cross tab results mirror those of the Opinion Savvy poll conducted for Fox 13 Tampa Bay and FOX 35 Orlando just last week.’

While comparing Georgia and Florida, Towery reported that Secretary Clinton receives 10% more support from the Democratic respondents than Donald Trump receives from Republicans polled in both states. He also adds that a good portion of those lost GOP votes in Georgia are going to Libertarian, Gary Johnson.

Georgia remains a Republican state. However, in order for Trump to win that state, he must appeal to Atlanta Republicans by convincing them that he is a well-mannered and respectful candidate – completely the opposite of what he has conveyed so far in his campaign. The Republican nominee might have a real problem when it comes to Johnson at the state level. Gary Johnson may not be able to win a state like Georgia, but he could definitely give the state to Hillary Clinton by keeping Republican support away from Trump.

In order for Hillary Clinton to shift the paradigm and win Georgia over, she needs to increase her female voter support, which is surprisingly barely over Trump’s percentage of female voters. The lack in female support was also shown in Florida polls last week.

Towery reported that Campaign ads are crucially important in guaranteeing either nominee the state of Georgia:

‘It is pretty clear that both candidates will have to take to the paid airwaves to win Georgia. For the first time in decades the state is up for grabs. But with one caveat. We have seen a pattern in recent elections in which Democratic statewide candidates have appeared to be posing a serious challenge, only to see their support melt in the final weeks. But much of that “melting” was the result of aggressive and smart last minute GOP ads. This is something which Mr. Trump will have to come to understand if he is to win either Georgia or Florida. A loss in either would end any chance he might have to be elected president.’

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