Al Roker Wins ENTIRE Internet After SLAYING Billy Bush For Defending ‘White Privilege’ (VIDEO)


Today show co-host Al Roker tore into fellow Today show co-host Billy Bush for trying to defend US swimmer Ryan Lochte’s “white privilege.”

Lochte has used that privilege to get away with turning an incident that found security guards trying to stop Lochte’s vandalism into an “armed robbery” of which Lochte and fellow members of the US swim team were the victims.

Lochte claimed that he was held up with a “gun cocked to his head.” That simply didn’t happen.

Bush, however, wanted to defend the swimmer this week on the Today Show.

And Al Roker was not about to let him get away with it.

After Bush apparently first tried to defend the swimmer’s lies, Roker went off.

He said, speaking of Lochte:

‘He lied. He lied to you. He lied to Matt Lauer. He lied to his mom. He left his teammates hanging while he skedaddled..’

Bush then tried to cut Roker off, but Roker kept going, visibly infuriated at Lochte’s sickening representation of his nation on the world stage.

Roker finished:

‘There was no robbery. There was no pull-over. There was nothing. Nobody cocked a gun to his head. He lied!’

“There was a gun!” Bush exclaimed.

That, Billy, is because there was a security guard.

Bush wasn’t finished, though. He went on, saying, “It’s not a shining moment, there are embellishing moments, there are total untruths.”

Having used the word over and over again, Bush sure seems to like the word “embellishing.” Maybe he thinks it makes what Lochte did seem pretty?

Fellow co-host Natalie Morales eventually helped shut down Bush’s frenzied attempt at making his statements about Lochte seem relevant, saying that she hoped Lochte could come on the show to discuss the incident.

What Lochte did is a disgrace to the United States, and it is a disgrace to everyone, everywhere, who isn’t of the same gender and ethnicity as himself.

Sickeningly, this ordeal with Lochte isn’t the first time that disgraceful sexism has made itself out in the open in this year’s Olympic Games.

Headline after headline and reporter after reporter have made various forms of sexist remarks, degrading the accomplishments of female athletes while inflating the accomplishments of male athletes.

One example of this situation came when the BBC’s John Inverdale spoke with tennis star Andy Murray following Murray’s successful win of a gold medal in his playing category.

Inverdale claimed that Murray was the “first person to win” two Olympic gold medals for tennis.

Murray quickly corrected him that, as a matter of fact, Inverdale’s assertion was false. Each of the Williams sisters had won “about four” medals.

Watch the video of Murray’s encounter with Inverdale below.


Another much discussed example of Olympic sexism came from the Associated Press. The AP ran a headline putting the world record achievements of a female American swimmer Katie Ledecky after noting the second place finish of Michael Phelps.

Watch the Today show segment featuring Roker and Bush’s heated exchange below.

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