JUST IN: Clinton Vs Trump Polls Post Russia Scandal Released, Results Have FLOORED Both Campaigns


According to a national poll that was just released on Friday, Hillary Clinton is shooting past Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Her lead is dramatic, and it seems that continuous Trump campaign upsets may have influenced voters’ opinion of her.

Clinton leads Trump by an astounding eight points among likely voters, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll. This lead comes after Trump accepted the resignation of his campaign chief, Paul Manafort, on Friday. The former campaign chief faced scrutiny over his work with pro-Russia political groups in Ukraine. The new campaign CEO, Breitbart News boss, Stephen Bannon, is pretty much a Trump twin and is even less popular with women than Trump is.

The poll was conducted Aug. 14 through 18 and indicated that 42 percent of Americans would vote for Clinton in the Nov. 8 general election. Trump is not doing nearly as well, coming in with only 34 percent of the vote. The poll also indicates that a remarkable 23 percent of likely voters would not vote for either major party candidate.

During the 2012 presidential race between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, there was only a 2 percent gap between the candidates at this point in the campaign. That is less than this poll’s margin of error.

Throughout her entire 2016 campaign, Clinton has maintained her lead over Trump. After the two national conventions, Republican and Democratic, each nominee had a traditional bump in popularity. However, Clinton has maintained her lead, whereas Trump’s bump settled back to close to pre-convention levels.

Neither Clinton nor Trump are popular candidates among most Americans. This poll indicated that two-thirds of U.S. adults think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

With less than 80 days left before the election, Trump continues to have difficulty nailing down his campaign personnel. His negative comments about women, disabled people, Hispanics, and the Gold Star Khan family have also greatly reduced his ability to capture any non-white voters.

Clinton’s issue of potentially mishandling classified emails during her term as secretary of state continues to plague her in the polls. However, Republican leaders continue to endorse Clinton in increasing numbers, and many have called for Republican Party leader Reince Priebus and members of Congress to stop funding Trump. They feel that the funds would be better spent on down-ballot races for the Senate and House of Representatives.

In another Reuters/Ipsos poll, people were given the choice between Clinton, Trump, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, and Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Forty-one percent chose Clinton, 34 percent chose Trump, 7 percent chose Johnson, and 2 percent supported Stein.

This poll was conducted online in English and in all 50 states. The sample of 1,119 included 1,118 likely voters. The margin of error is 3 +/- percentage points.

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H/T: Reuters.