‘Family Values’ Alabama Tea Party Leader Arrested For Trafficking Meth (DETAILS)


An Alabama conservative leader has been arrested for helping to lead a meth trafficking ring.

John Fisher Jr. has long been an aspiring thought leader for the right-wing community, hosting a radio show and an active politically oriented Facebook page, The John Fisher Show. Fisher is also a defense attorney — and the meth bust happened just outside his law office.

Tellingly, regarding who the right idolizes, Fisher attempted to climb to fame by railing against targets up and down society.

Fisher’s Facebook page is filled with disturbingly odd posts, like the one below which finds him trying to use the apparent Russian hack of the DNC’s emails to prove that a Trump presidency would make the United States and the world more “stable and safe.”

Most notably, Fisher railed extensively against illegal drugs — the very thing which the lawyer has now been arrested for.

In 2013, for example, Fisher went off on Alabama’s then-Secretary of Law Enforcement, Spencer Collier, after Collier’s son, Christopher, was arrested on charges of selling oxycodone pills, according to the New York Daily News.

He also, at one point, railed against the government for spending too many resources on the efforts to curb gun violence as opposed to the War on Drugs.

Fisher wrote, “Illegal drug use is a MUCH more expensive drain on society in terms of healthcare and work issues.”

And after all of Fisher’s self righteous conservative railing, the things he pretended to hate brought him into police custody.

The New York Daily News details the circumstances around Fisher’s arrest:

‘Officers arrested John Fisher Jr., a Tuscaloosa defense attorney, on Friday after learning about a suspicious backpack drop. West Alabama Narcotics Task Force agents then saw a second man arrive and pick up the backpack, which was believed to be holding components of a methamphetamine lab. The agents tailed Fisher Jr. and Christopher Rushing to the same block as the attorney’s law office, taking the two into custody.’

This case isn’t even the first time that a conservative leader, or at least wannabe leader, has been busted under similar circumstances. Back in April of this year, a head of fundraising for U.S. senator, John McCain’s reelection campaign was arrested on similar, drug-related charges.

On top of Fisher’s other “activism,” he also staged a campaign for Alabama’s state legislature in 2010 as a Republican running on a Tea Party platform — but he lost the primary.

Featured Image via the John Fisher Show on Facebook.