July Fundraising Numbers From Bernie Sanders Supporters Released, What Happened Is Incredible


Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, continues to both outspend and out-raise her Republican challenger, Donald Trump, most months by millions of dollars.

According to POLITICO, the former First Lady and Secretary of State turned presidential candidate can now, in addition, finally say that she is drawing former financial backers of the presidential primary campaign for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to her camp.

These aren’t the traditional big-money political backers, however. Indeed, Sanders never even gathered many of these backers throughout the more than a year that his campaign ran.

That fact was key to the appeal of Sanders to so many voters. The senator never had a Super PAC backing him, and his average campaign contribution throughout the Democratic presidential primary season was the often quoted amount of $27.

The small dollar backers are the ones starting to move over to the Clinton campaign, according to the public Clinton campaign finance filings for the month of July.

The same month also saw the Clinton campaign amass over $14 million more on hand than it started the month out with.

POLITICO writes:

‘Much of the [July] fundraising strength was, for the first time, on the backs of small donors, with whom Clinton fared much better as she clinched the Democratic nomination. Fully 58 percent of the July haul came in checks of less than $200, compared with just 31 percent across the cycle.’

The influx of small donations underscores an important fact about the Clinton campaign. For all the turmoil surrounding the Democratic nominating process, with many Sanders supporters claiming that the nomination was stolen from their candidate of choice, Clinton is still managing to consolidate enough support behind her to have the general election all but over.

She has thus come out on top of the internal scandal over the Democratic primary supposedly being rigged against Sanders, and Clinton has also effectively long put to rest the right’s claim that her usage of private email while she served as secretary of state was somehow criminal.

These small but significant victories for Clinton continue to have her looking at a near certain win in November.

Donald Trump has basically never been seen as the frontrunner in the race for the presidency, and the last time he even appeared atop the Real Clear Politics national average of polls was well over a month ago.

The current RCP national average has Clinton up by 5.3 percent, and the graph illustrating the average over time is featured below.

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Featured Image via Jeff Swensen/ Getty Images.