JUST IN: Powerful Republican Shakes Political World With DEFIANT 2016 Endorsement (DETAILS)


As Americans across the nation prepare for the general election, Republican nominee Donald Trump manages to make a fool of himself on a daily basis. Repelled by his complete lack of empathy, tyrannical views, and immoral stance on immigration, more and more Americans are leaning away from having a Republican in office.

Many prominent Republicans are leaving their party and shifting their votes to the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. On Friday evening, Kurt Bardella, ex-spokesman for Donald Trump’s newest chairman, Steve Bannon, spoke out against the real estate mogul’s choice and declared that he will not be voting for Trump. Instead, he will be endorsing Clinton.

Upon realizing that he was losing more votes than he was gaining, Trump essentially pressed the reset button on his campaign and hired a new campaign chair. While Americans hoped this shift would indicate a change of heart, Trump has managed to find a campaign chair who acts exactly like him.

Kurt Bardella pointed out the similarities between Bannon and Trump and claimed that Bannon would make Trump worse.

‘Some may wonder if Donald Trump is purposeful in delivering his insensitive and often-bigoted comments that tend to serve as fodder for his supporters. With Steve there is no question, he is deliberate in his language and antagonism and promotes something beyond anti-establishment sentiment that borders on anarchism.’

Bardella continued:

‘While Donald Trump is anything but a sophisticated political strategist, a man like Steve Bannon can help amplify his hateful rhetoric to an unprecedented degree.’

The Trump campaign hiring Steve Bannon could actually be what is best for America, as Bannon does not hide behind his words. Instead, he lets his ignorance show, and he will prove that the Republican nominee is not suited to be president.

After criticizing Trump’s choice in a campaign chair, Bardella announced,

‘It is glaringly obvious that Donald Trump does not have the temperament or the judgment to occupy the Oval Office. This is one of those times where the best interests of the whole outweigh any partisan allegiances or any specific issue. It’s why I’ve made the personal choice to vote for Hillary Clinton in November.’

Bardella, who was once a strong-willed Republican, has joined the ranks of those who will be voting for Hillary Clinton in this election. With the ignorance and complete lack of empathy that surrounds Trump’s campaign, there is no question as to why he is drastically losing votes. Touring America while spreading hate and slandering immigrants not only puts a bad taste in voters’ mouths, but it also shines a new light on Republican views. Donald Trump has successfully convinced another Republican to vote blue this election season.

Watch how others have reacted to Trump’s choice of chairman below!

Video courtesy of MSNBC via YouTube.

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