KKK Leader Celebrates Trump’s Success : ‘We’ve Taken Over The Republican Party’ (AUDIO)


Last week, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump tapped Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon to serve as CEO of the Trump campaign.

This move has left both those within the Trump camp and outside the Trump camp scratching their heads. Bannon is literally a propagandist, with Breitbart regularly publishing outlandish and wildly bigoted stories that masquerade as real news.

Bannon has long used Breitbart as nothing more than an outlet for his personal political views, with little regard for actual truth in reporting.

To suggest that Bannon can somehow salvage Trump’s wreck of a campaign, an effort which would require major Republican establishment backing, is a joke.

But Trump’s decision did make one group of people happy- white supremacists like former KKK leader David Duke.

Duke hosted a discussion on his show with co-host Don Advo, with both men laughing and agreeing that, at the very least, the move was good for men like Duke and Advo to “take over” the Republican Party.

The tail end of the discussion got even more disturbing. Advo noted to Duke, “So, something astonishing has happened. We appear to have taken over the Republican Party.”

Duke replied:

‘Well, rank and file, but a lot of those boll weevils are still in those cotton balls, and, uh, the Republican Party may be a European-American populated party, but like a ball of cotton, you can have boll weevils in there that are going to rot it out from the inside.’

Duke referred to cotton. Why is that significant? Do you remember theĀ era in American history that saw cotton as one of the nation’s most important crops?

If you thought of the Civil War era, you are correct. Cotton picking was one of the major tasks to which slaves were forced to perform during the 1800’s leading up the Civil War. Once the slaves were freed, sharecropping, where workers were technically not slaves, but still held under very poor living conditions, kept cotton picking nearly synonymous with oppression of the poor.

All of this about cotton is well worth noting because Duke, a man who literally thinks like it’s the middle of the 19th century and he’s a white slaveholder, isn’t just on the fringe anymore. Duke and those like him actually have a presidential candidate- Donald Trump.

Duke has long been a frenzied supporter of Donald Trump. Much earlier, when the presidential election was still playing out in the primary season, Duke offered his enthusiastic endorsement of Trump’s campaign.

Listen to Advo and Duke’s exchange below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.