BREAKING: Trump Makes $100k Donation To Hate Group Instead Of Louisiana Flood Victims (DETAILS)


In recent weeks, the Donald Trump campaign has been massively overhauling itself to try and make the GOP nominee look more presidential.

They tried really hard to make Trump look good when they sent him to Louisiana to “help” the flood victims. The trip was supposedly meant to assess the situation and see what could be done to assist those who lost their homes, but it was really just an opportunity to get a couple of good photos to show Trump’s humanitarian side.

One of the first stops Trump made in Louisiana was at a church, and he later visited a fire station. It was there that he was seen handing out supplies that he supposedly donated to the victims. This action was seen as a photo op by many, but his campaign let it be known that he was there only to help. Even the governor retracted a statement about Trump only being there for a photo op when a statement was released that revealed he actually did make a donation to a relief organization.

All that information has changed, though, since it was discovered that Trump did not, in fact, make any donations to relief organizations. No, instead, he donated $100,000 to a church whose interim pastor is Tony Perkins. If you don’t recognize the name, Pastor Perkins is the leader of the hate group of anti-gay and anti-choice religious extremists known as The Family Research Council.

Ashley Killough, who covers the Republican presidential race for CNN Politics, posted tweets about this discovery.

She first posted this tweet:

But then, a couple minutes later, she shared this one:

Pastor Perkins has been known to equate homosexuality with pedophilia and has said ridiculous things about natural disasters being punishments from God. He sounds almost as insane as members of the Westboro Baptist Church, and that is definitely not a good group for Trump to associate himself with.

Trump knew who he was donating his money to, and it sure wasn’t any charitable group. He tried to fool the public into thinking he was helping people in need, but in reality, he was only out to help himself.

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