BREAKING: WaPost Drop Trump Charity Scandal, He LIED About Louisiana Donations (DETAILS)


Donald Trump likes to tout himself as a charitable person who regularly donates to the less fortunate, but as we have seen throughout his presidential campaign, Trump is exactly the opposite of the persona that he has created. He has even held fundraisers for American veterans, then pocketed the funds.

According to reports, Trump’s greed knows no bounds. The New Yorker states that, “during a bitter dispute about his father’s will, Trump cut off benefits from the family health plan that were paying for the medical care of his nephew’s seriously ill young son.”

The New Yorker reported that Trump:

“..claimed to have made charitable donations worth more than a hundred million dollars over the past five years. But, in a report published in August, headlined “Proof of Trump’s charity giving elusive,” Jeff Horwitz of the associated press wrote that the Trump campaign ‘has provided little documentation for most of these contributions, and tax filings of the Donald J. Trump foundation show Trump has made no charitable contributions to his own namesake nonprofit since 2008.'”

It was also reported by the “Today Show” that Donald Trump claimed to have purchased all the items in the massive truck featured in his Louisiana flood photo-op that made media headlines last week. Through some digging, The Washington Post’s, David Fahrenthold, found that there was no such record of any kind of donation from Trump.

Not only that, but the Trump campaign told Fox News that the Republican nominee had donated the $100,000 that the governor of Louisiana asked of him. However, that was also found to be false, as no record of that transaction exists either.

Bipartisan Report published a story on Sunday about a flood relief worker who blasted Trump on her Facebook page, saying:

“Trump. Seriously. Where is the check. Like where is the f***ing check. My people are drowning.”

People are fed up with the lies coming out of Trump’s campaign, and this is just the beginning of the retaliation Trump has coming. As election day gets nearer, the panic will begin to build, as relentless Trump supporters will continue to miss the point.