Donald Trump’s Colorado Campaign Office Is Being Run By A 12-Year-Old Child (DETAILS)


A campaign office whose territory covers a critical area of the state of Colorado, including part of the Denver metro area, is run by 12-year-old Weston Imers.

The official field coordinator in Jefferson County, the most populous county in the state of Colorado, is Laurel Imers, Weston’s mother. She lets her son run the campaign office and recruit volunteers.

‘You have a responsibility to your children to teach them.’

Weston Imers is the co-chair of the Trump/Pence campaign in Jefferson County and founded the Colorado Kids for Trump. He also writes a blog on NextGen which includes such entries as “What Is The Best Candy?“, a piece debating whether or not school is any fun at all, and an analysis of the The Western Conservative Summit. Imers plans to run for president himself in 2040.

‘Definitely, 2040 watch for me and Baron Trump if you’re watching. I’ll take ya as my running mate.’

Imers garnered some attention at a town hall for Mike Pence when he asked him questions about Common Core and other areas of interest for a school-aged child who cannot yet vote.

Weston Imers also runs the Colorado Kids for Trump Facebook page, where he posts relevant information regarding the presidential campaign and ways for kids in his area to get involved in the political process.

He certainly has the GOP talking points down on his Facebook page. One of his posts explains how the polls are all rigged and Donald Trump is really ahead with voters. What points from the video convinced Imers that this is true? Trump has more Twitter followers, more likes on Facebook, and more views on YouTube.

2016-08-22 11_13_07-(4) Colorado Kids for TRUMP

The child also seems to be a big fan of conspiracy theorist and convicted felon, Dinesh D’Souza.

2016-08-22 11_20_23-(4) Colorado Kids for TRUMP

Imers also seems to totally have that whole GOP misogyny thing knocked. Here’s his advertisement for Trump/Pence t-shirts, posted on the Colorado Kids for Trump page.

2016-08-22 11_15_10-(4) Colorado Kids for TRUMP

Imers has also embraced the full message of racism and violence inherent in Donald Trump’s message, which has been on full display at Trump’s rallies.

2016-08-22 11_26_27-(5) Colorado Kids for TRUMP

So far, thank goodness, the Colorado Kids for Trump page is not widely followed, nor is the group a large one. As Imers told Channel 7 News in Denver:

‘So I have about eight kids all in all in the group and we’re on Facebook, so that’s the easiest way to get to us, we’re getting a website set up, hopefully soon, we will also be getting a Twitter page and we are also on Instagram.’


While most anyone would agree with Laurel Imers, Weston’s mother, that it is a parent’s responsibility to teach their child, perhaps it should also be noted that educating them on the political process instead of indoctrinating them with a belief in false studies and conspiracy theories, as well as teaching him to not to embrace racism and misogyny, is what is most important.

Featured image via Facebook by Colorado Kids for Trump