Florida Republican Has Full Blown Mental Breakdown, Swears, Sweats, & Pants During Rant


An already disgraced Florida Republican congressional candidate, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, went on a profanity-laced, screaming tirade against a Politico reporter named Marc Caputo who tried to ask him about some of the discrepancies in his campaign’s finances.

The encounter was via telephone and was a follow-up to an earlier piece published by the Naples Daily News about the same subject. According to the Naples Daily News, a “disproportionate amount of his money came from donations under $200.”

In addition, only 6 percent of itemized donations actually came from the areas which Bongino is attempting to represent, Florida’s Collier and Lee Counties.

These financial revelations came from an examination by the Daily News of the public Federal Election Commission finance records for the Bongino campaign. The Daily News was thus led to conclude that Bongino “lacked financial backing” from the congressional district of which he is making an attempt to become a US representative.

This proclamation infuriated Bongino, who launched into a Twitter war with Caputo, a war of words that led to an exchange of phone numbers and a late night phone interview.

Caputo tried to ask Bongino about what exactly had infuriated him about the story published by the Naples Daily News, but Bongino wasn’t interested in a discussion. He flew out of control, screaming at the reporter — with full knowledge that the conversation was being recorded — “Shut the f*ck up! … Go f*ck yourself, you piece of sh*t!”

After that, Bongino hung up on Caputo.

Bongino isn’t just any congressional candidate. He recently relocated to the Florida area he is trying to represent, after failing miserably in an attempt to win a congressional seat for a Maryland district.

The Republicans seem to have a thing for losers. As much as Donald Trump wants you to believe otherwise, his business ventures are monumental failures that he has simply manipulated his way out of being responsible for.

Trump’s presidential campaign is effectively the same, with the Republicans looking at a less than 10 percent chance of actually seeing their presidential nominee in the White House come November.

Bongino apparently wrote about the conversation on his Twitter page, making some kind of attempt at defending his actions.


Listen to Bongino and Caputo’s “conversation” below. Bongino loses it at about the 14:50 mark.

Featured Image is via screenshot from the video.