JUST IN: Donald Trump Goes On Monday Morning Twitter Tirade, Threatens Talk Show Host


So much for Donald Trump’s apologies and plans to present himself in a more presidential manner. When MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” ran several segments painting Donald Trump in a negative light, Trump decided to throw one of his famous fits on Twitter in revenge.

The segments ran on today’s show. One featured the former Ted Cruz operative, Rick Tyler, laughed at Rence Priebus for his praise of Trump’s new tone in the presidential campaign over the past couple of days. Tyler got big laughs from his fellow panelists when he said:

‘He’s sort of talking about his candidate as if he graduated from diapers to big boy pants. This is not great progress. His new tone, I don’t understand what the new tone is.’

Later on the show, Mika Brzezinski laughed at Trump’s hyperbolic weekend speech in which he insisted that electing Hillary Clinton in 2016 meant that America would “lose everything.”

“He belted like, honestly, like he’s had a lot to drink. His delivery is very ‘Blaaaaaagh!'”

Trump, never one to be above any media criticism of him and his campaign, took to Twitter to air his grievances and make vague threats. No surprise there, that’s been a long-time theme of the Trump campaign.

First, Trump mocked the MSNBC show’s ratings and Brzezinski specifically, although he swears that he doesn’t watch the show and neither does anyone else.

Apparently, however, mocking the show and attacking Brzezinski’s character was not satisfying enough for Trump. The man who wants to be the president of this country quickly turned the media’s negative coverage of him into a sex scandal worthy of a soap opera.

Preibus and Trump’s new campaign operatives still don’t seem to have figured out that reining in Trump and his circus of a campaign will surely need to include closing down his Twitter account.

See video from one of the negative segments from “Morning Joe” below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube