JUST IN: Trump Campaign Announces HIGHLY Unqualified New Advisor, Prepare To Be Disturbed


Last Tuesday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump named 64 right-wing leaders as members of his newly formed “agricultural advisory team.”

These new advisers for the Trump campaign include six farm state Governors and a former federal agriculture secretary, according to Reuters.

One of these new official members of Trump’s team is Kansas governor, Sam Brownback.

Brownback has literally run the Kansas state economy into the ground as he has attempted to implement a radical right-wing agenda.

The governor has been so frenzied in his attempt at turning Kansas into a conservative utopia that he has continuously meddled in races for the state legislature, personally dumping millions of dollars in the efforts to unseat any member of the Kansas state legislature who happens to disagree with his views.

And in the meantime, vital sectors of the Kansas economy, from healthcare to education, have gone to ruin.

And Brownback is one of the men whose counsel Trump values enough to name him to an official capacity within his campaign — a man whose main success is how quickly he ruined an entire state’s economy.

And lest you think that Brownback will only be advising issues of agriculture, Reuters reports otherwise:

‘[The issues to be covered] range from immigration and climate change to global trade and “how to define food and energy security for the U.S. in the years ahead,” said [A.G.] Kawamura, a former California agriculture secretary [who is a member of the committee].’

Trump’s choices reflect his inability to forge any sort of appeal among those who are outside of his core base of support. He has literally barely added any voters to his side since he was still battling U.S. senator, Ted Cruz and Ohio governor, John Kasich, for the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump, of course, claimed otherwise.

In a statement quoted by Reuters he said:

‘The members of my agricultural advisory committee represent the best that America can offer to help serve agricultural communities.’

Of course, just like always, Trump is simply stating something that he desperately hopes will get him at least a little bit more support.

The states whose governors Trump named to his “agricultural advisory board” preside over the states where Trump literally has the best chance of winning. Having them serve in an official capacity on his team isn’t going to make any substantial improvement in his chance of winning.

He continues to ignore sound campaign strategy, hoping that he will just win the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and even Florida, without a campaign operation that even comes close in size and scope to that of Hillary Clinton. Each one of the three named states would have to go for Trump for him to even have a chance — and currently, Clinton holds solid leads in all three.

Thus, yet again, an attempt from the Trump camp to become more “presidential” — or at least more professional — has utterly failed. This isn’t surprising, though, at least not anymore, from the campaign that was just revealed to have a 12-year-old boy running its campaign office in Colorado.

Featured Image via Leigh Vogel/ Getty Images.