Retraction: Melania Trump Story From August 21, 2016 Retracted With Apology


Yesterday, Aug. 21, 2016, we published a story sourced from multiple outlets about Melania Trump’s past employment. After publishing, it was brought to our attention that many of the statements made by sources were not fully confirmed by audio or video tape and are therefore heresay. Aside from the facts not being 100 percent accurate, we deeply regret reporting on a story of such a “low brow” nature. Melania Trump is a private citizen and deserves the privacy and respect that any one of us would want and expect. We sincerely apologize to her for stooping to such a level and will not do so again in the future. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in “the news” and not stop to think about the fact there is a human being behind each story. Melania is human and deserves the respect of one.

Below we have listed one by one the facts in the story that were sourced from the magazine that broke the story, along with other outlets that covered it and all of which are NOT confirmed by audio, video, or any “hard evidence.”

1. “Melania Trump Exposed As Alleged Former ‘High End Sex Worker’…”

2. “…Melania Trump allegedly worked as an escort to older rich men during her modeling days at Paolo Zampolli’s agency.”

3. “Zampolli was a successful New York entrepreneur when he met Melania Trump, and soon after signing her to his agency, he also allegedly put her to work at his escort service, where she acted as nocturnal entertainment to successful businessmen.”

4. “The magazine further claimed that their composite card was for their modeling business and their second card was used for their sex business. The second card also suggested whether Melania enjoyed the company of older men and also described her abilities in the bedroom.”

5. “What Melania’s [composite card] looked like, only the people involved know, but it is no coincidence she got a rich husband…”

6. “What Mrs. Trump did on these dates is completely left to the imagination, but after posing nude in 1995, it’s hard to imagine Melania had many limits when it came to money.”

7. “On the one hand they [the girls] pretended to be models, but they principally earned money as elite escorts…”

8. “However, journalist Bojan Pozar says this meeting was staged, and that the pair met years earlier, near the time the nude photos were taken: ‘I don’t know what sort of relationship they had but I do know they were in touch from my conversations with modelling agents while researching the book.’”

9. “The years between 1995 and 1998 are the most secret years of Melania Trump. She’d had a number of boyfriends in Slovenia, but we did not find anyone involved with Melania romantically during these years — it is very strange.”

None of these nine statements are able to be fully confirmed. We retract and apologize for them,

The true facts are as follows:

Mrs. Trump never worked as an escort or sex worker, nor did she ever have a composite or presentation card for the sex business.

Mrs. Trump had a single composite card – for modeling. Paolo Zampolli, Mrs. Trump’s former modeling agent, has vehemently and publicly denied allegations that he operated a sex business.

Further, Mrs. Trump arrived in the United States for the first time in 1996. Thus, she did not, and could not have, met Donald Trump or participated in a photo shoot in the United States prior to that time.

Mrs. Trump first met Donald Trump in 1998, two years after she moved to the United States in 1996.

If you have any followup questions about these facts or this retraction contact [email protected]