BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren Announces Election Altering New Role For Democrats (DETAILS)


US Senator from Massachusetts and left wing icon Elizabeth Warren has just announced a new role for herself in the race for the White House as November comes ever closer.

Warren has long taken to being “attack dog,” as the Boston Herald described it, for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton against the Republicans’ presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Trump and Warren have engaged in numerous wars of words via social media, and Warren has always been quick to smack down some of Trump’s most sickening and outrageous personal attacks against the Clinton campaign.

Now, however, according to an announcement from the Senator, she’s getting ready to try out something different.

This Thursday, Warren will be hosting an event at Roxbury Community College, and in the invitation she writes that she has been “working on a new presentation on how the playing field got tilted against America’s middle class — and what we can do to fight back. I’ll be trying out this talk in Roxbury, and I’d love for you to join us.”

This shift is a big step away from attacks on Trump’s personality and temperament, attacks which have long been employed by not only Warren but nearly every other leading Democrat as well. Warren and others included such attacks in their addresses to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, for example.

Warren’s shift certainly fits the overall tone of the race. Donald Trump is slowly but surely becoming vastly less important as he looks at a pathetically slim chance of even coming close to winning the White House. Trump hasn’t been solidly ahead in the polls for well over a month, and even then, his stint as “leader” was extremely short-lived.

Thus, the Senator is keeping this in mind by pivoting out to more general issues, ones which are important to those voters who will likely decide the election – middle class voters such as those among the community in which Warren will speak and those who live in the serious swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

With Warren noting that she wants to “try out” the message this Thursday, she will likely soon be taking whatever presentation she unveils this week on the road for the Clinton campaign.

Delivering a compelling pro-Democratic message around these issues would help convince on the fence voters to throw their whole support behind the Democratic Party, not only voting for Hillary Clinton, but Congressional and local level Democratic candidates as well.

Ford O’Connell, a GOP operative and former McCain presidential campaign adviser, effectively commended the Senator while speaking to the Boston Herald:

‘While Warren relishes her attack dog role on Trump, there is a concern among Democrats that Trump could still find his mojo. And if this race ceases to be about Trump’s personality and becomes about the issues, then Democrats backing Hillary are going to have to shift tactics, including Warren. This presentation should be seen as Warren’s attempt to get ahead of the curve.’

Featured Image via Jessica Kourkounis / Stringer/ Getty Images.