JUST IN: Clinton Vs Trump VIRGINIA Polls Released, Results Show GIANT Surge Over Recent Days (STATS)


Things aren’t looking very good for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Virginia.

Roanoke College released an August 2016 poll that reveals Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a 16-point lead over Trump in Virginia. In a two-way matchup, Clinton leads Trump by 19 points (55 percent to 36 percent). This is a significant change from May’s Roanoke College Poll, which had the two candidates tied.

According to CNN, the results are in line with a Quinnipiac poll that found Clinton leading Trump by 12 points. A Washington Post poll also showed similar results, with Clinton leading 51 percent to Trump’s 43 percent.

The poll also showed that almost two-thirds of voters were extremely interested in the 2016 campaign and 88 percent cared greatly about the outcome of the election (93 percent of Democrats; 67 percent of Republicans).

More importantly, Clinton’s standing with Democrats, which was iffy, has improved from 78 percent in May to 91 percent. Trump’s support among Republicans, however, has dropped somewhat from 80 percent to 78 percent.

Trump, who brags that he can bring in independents, only has a lead of 25 percent with independents compared to Clinton’s 43 percent. The same trend appears with self-described moderates (57 percent to 22 percent). This does not bode well for the Republican presidential nominee.

Interestingly, 49 percent of Clinton supporters claim their vote is more for her than against Trump (38 percent), while Trump’s supporters are more likely to vote simply against Clinton (49 percent).

Also, Democrats’ unfavorable outlook on Clinton has decreased somewhat from May; however, she is still seen in an unfavorable light, with 39 percent of voters finding her favorable and 45 percent finding her unfavorable. Trump, though, is still found to be the most unfavorable candidate, with 23 percent finding him favorable and 63 percent finding him unfavorable.


Unchanged since May, 20 percent of voters would feel proud if Clinton was elected president, 32 percent would feel satisfied, and 28 percent would actually be disgusted. It is important to note, though, that only two percent of Democrats would be disgusted with a Clinton presidency.

Trump’s results are worse, and little has changed from May’s polls. Only 7 percent of participants would be proud of a Trump presidency, 27 percent would be satisfied, and 49 percent would be DISGUSTED. Eight percent of Republicans would be disgusted with Trump. Furthermore, only 17 percent of Republicans would be proud of a Trump presidency, while 43 percent of Democrats who would be proud of a Clinton presidency.

When it came to the important stuff, the issues, Clinton was preferred over Trump on SEVERAL of the issues:

  • Economy: 50-43 percent
  • Terrorism: 55-38 percent
  • Health Care: 57-33 percent
  • Race Relations: 66-21 percent
  • Immigration: 56-36 percent
  • Foreign Policy: 64-28 percent
  • Firearms Policy: 47-43 percent

One of Clinton’s key issues with voters has been her trustworthiness. However, she is considered somewhat more honest than Trump, with 9 percent considering her very honest and 39 percent somewhat honest. Eleven percent see Trump as very honest, and 31 percent see him as somewhat honest.

However, where Clinton surges ahead of Trump is in her qualifications to be president. With 72 percent of participants believing her more qualified to be president, Trump lags far behind. Only 36 percent believe he is qualified for the highest office in the country.

Clinton also knocked it out of the park in terms of temperament, with 72 percent believing she has the right temperament for the job compared to 28 percent for Trump.

Though some may argue with this finding, 56 percent feel that Clinton “somewhat understands” the problems of people like them. Only 36 percent said the same thing about Trump.

The demographics of the poll showed huge gaps in support among race, gender, and marital status.


  • Male: Clinton 43 percent, Trump 41 percent
  • Female: Clinton 52 percent, Trump 25 percent


  • White: Clinton 38 percent, Trump 41 percent
  • African-American: Clinton 80 percent, Trump 4 percent

Marital Status

  • Married: Clinton 43 percent, Trump 36 percent
  • Never Married: Clinton 48 percent, Trump 26 percent.
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The director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research concurred with the poll results regarding Clinton’s improvement. However, he had extremely bad news for Trump.

‘There is no silver lining in this dark cloud for Donald Trump. His numbers are mostly negative and stagnant. He’s still getting less than 80 percent of Republicans, and his supporters are more likely to be voting against Clinton than for him. The election is 11 weeks away, but he has a lot of ground to make up.’

The poll was conducted with a sample of 803 likely voters with a sampling error of +/- 3.5 percent at 95 percent level of confidence. Different regions of the state were proportionately represented along with gender, race, age, and political party to match the 2012 Virginia exit poll.

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