JUST IN: New Clinton VS Trump Utah Polling Released, Results Show WHOPPING Lead (STATS)


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump isn’t very popular in Utah, but he has still managed to gain a 15-point lead over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll.

The poll, which was conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP), was published on Tuesday. Both presidential nominees are considered unfavorable, according to the results. Donald Trump has a 31/61 favorability rating in Utah. However, despite that number, he is still considered more favorable than Hillary Clinton, who has a favorability rating of 23/72.

As many Trump supporters have pointed out during this election season, one of the most popular reasons to support Trump is because he is not Hillary Clinton. This seems to be the sentiment in Utah as well, as Trump is leading the state with 39 percent of the vote. Clinton is trailing at 24 percent. In this poll, the Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson, managed 12 percent support. When voters were asked who would receive their vote if they could only choose between the major candidates, Trump won by 5 points.

The state of Utah is notorious for its large Mormon population, and Mormons are not impressed by Donald Trump. Still, his 33 percent favorability among Mormons, which is low, is better than Hillary Clinton’s favorability, which is 12/84.

However, it’s a bit early for the Republican nominee to feel too chuffed about his lead in Utah. Sixty-five percent of likely voters say that he should release his tax returns, and just 39 percent of likely voters think he can be trusted with nuclear weapons. After making statements about how the media paints him in a false light, Utah’s residents still find the New York Times more trustworthy than Donald Trump.

PPP conducted this poll over the telephone from August 19-21, and 1,018 likely voters were interviewed. The poll has a 3.1 percentage point margin of error.

Donald Trump finished last on the Republican ticket in Utah during the primary elections, with Senator Ted Cruz winning the state by a sizable margin.

Earlier this month, Trump commented on his campaign’s “problem” in Utah.

With low favorability ratings in the state, it’s unclear if Trump will be able to maintain his lead for the rest of the election.

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