JUST IN: Clinton Vs Trump Battleground State Polls Showing VERY Big Surge Over Past Week (STATS)


Things just keep getting bleaker and bleaker for Donald Trump and his campaign.

Trump continues to lose what little hold he did have in KEY battleground states, and Clinton still maintains the national lead she has over Trump. This is confirmed by the most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, which shows Clinton ahead of the GOP nominee by 12 points. According to Reuters, this is her “strongest showing” yet.

The poll showed that Clinton has 45 percent of voters’ support, with Trump only having 33 percent. With only 10 weeks left before the big day, this is indicative of Trump needing to pull one hell of a rabbit out of his hat if he wants to win.

Trump should be accustomed to lagging behind Clinton, as he’s trailed her throughout the 2016 campaign. But the recent poll shows that Clinton’s support has only grown in the past few weeks, as she was leading by 3 to 9 points just earlier in August.

However, the poll also shows that 22 percent of voters wouldn’t choose either candidate, which is high compared to the last presidential election. Tom Smith, the director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Society at the University of Chicago remarked on this, saying, “Those who are wavering right now are just as likely to be thinking about supporting a third-party candidate instead, and not between Clinton and Trump.”

Even worse, Trump is falling behind in the key battleground states — the states Republicans MUST win in order to win the presidency. The Roanoke survey released earlier this week shows Clinton leading Trump by an impressive and intimidating 16 points. Reuters remarked that the poll may “overstate” her advantage; however, she still leads by an average of 12 points.

The Republican-led state of Florida also has really bad news for Trump. Florida is considered a state he must absolutely win, and Clinton has a 14-point lead over him there.

The Saint Leo University Polling Institute polled 1,500 Florida adults. When asked who they would support or most likely support, 51.7 percent named Clinton as their winner. Voters who were already absolutely decided made up 48.3 percent of that number. Only 37.7 percent claimed support for Trump, and only 33.8 percent of that number were decided. These results confirm Clinton’s lead is a solid lead that may be impregnable. Reuters again noted that the poll showed a “bigger lead than usual,” but they also noted it was “consistent with a recent Monmouth poll” that shows Clinton ahead in Florida by 9 points.

On an unrelated note, sadly, the same Monmouth poll shows Rubio ahead in the Senate race.

In general, state polls are more accurate in their predictions compared to national polling, which is definitely good news for Clinton. Harry Enten of FiveThirtyEight.com confirmed this by tweeting, “In state polls, which historically have given us a better of where the race is (see 2012), a very clear Clinton advantage.”

Ultimately, Clinton is leading nationwide, and without the support of Virginia and Florida, Trump’s chances of winning the election are absolutely and positively obliterated.

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