JUST IN: Clinton VS Trump New Mexico Polls Released, Results Show COMMANDING New Lead


A New Mexico poll asked, “If the election were held today, who would you vote for?” But the most surprising thing about the poll isn’t Hillary Clinton’s commanding nine-point lead over Donald Trump.

According to the NM Political Report, this New Mexico poll also finds Hillary Clinton way ahead of Gary Johnson, even though the Libertarian candidate was a popular two-term governor in the state.

‘A poll commissioned by NM Political Report and conducted by Public Policy Polling finds Hillary Clinton leading in a four-way race for president with 40 percent support among New Mexico registered voters. Republican candidate Donald Trump trails Clinton with 31 percent of support while Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson gets 16 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein 4 percent.’

That’s right. Hillary Clinton has 40 percent, Donald Trump’s gets 31 percent, Gary Johnson wins 16 percent, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein squeaks out a mere 4 percent. In this contentious race, only 9 percent of the registered voters who participated in this New Mexico poll remain undecided.

Still, 16 percent of the vote for a third-party candidate is impressive. In the 2012 presidential election, Gary Johnson won less than 4 percent from voters in his state. This New Mexico poll shows solid support for Hillary Clinton, but it may also shed some light on voters’ seething discontent with our deeply entrenched two-party system. For a faux populist outsider, Donald Trump’s 31 percent is startling, and Johnson’s 16 percent is not too shabby.

The New Mexico poll also shows that Donald Trump’s never-ending barrage of offensive remarks — not to mention his abject failure to present himself as “presidential” since the GOP convention — has hurt him by two points. Back in May, Trump polled at 33 percent, Hillary Clinton polled at 41 percent, and Gary Johnson polled at 14 percent. Now, Trump is down by two points, Clinton is down by one point, and Johnson is up by two points. The NM Political Report notes that Jill Stein was not included in their May poll.

The New Mexico poll also reveals that Donald Trump fares worst among women:

‘Among women, 42 percent support Clinton, 30 percent support Trump, 14 percent support Johnson and 4 percent prefer Stein.’

But Hillary Clinton also enjoys a slight lead with men.

‘Clinton leads more narrowly among men, a typically more conservative voting bloc, with 36 percent compared to 33 percent for Trump. Johnson gets 18 percent support from men while Stein gets 5 percent.’

Here’s a tweet with the breakdown of the candidates’ support among men and women.

The New Mexico poll also reveals that Hillary Clinton has an overwhelming lead with Hispanic voters.

‘A majority of Hispanic voters back Clinton, with 51 percent supporting Clinton compared to 30 percent supporting Trump. Johnson gets 13 percent of Hispanic support while Stein trails with four percent.’

But here’s the worst thing: Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson are both walloping Donald Trump with the young set. Forty-five percent of registered voters ages 18-29 back Clinton, 20 percent want Johnson, and a scant 15 percent say they’ll vote for Trump.


For the New Mexico poll, Public Policy Polling (PPP) surveyed 1,103 registered voters in New Mexico from Aug. 19-21. Although no margin of error was stated for the survey, these results are well within any reasonable margin of error.

Featured image: Drew Angerer via Getty Images.