JUST IN: Clinton VS Trump Poll From North Carolina Released, Results Are HISTORIC (STATS)


A new Monmouth University Poll of North Carolina voters has shown that Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump 44 percent to 42 percent in a very tight race.

According to Monmouth University:

‘Trump does nearly as well as Clinton in getting the backing of fellow partisans, with 86% of Republicans supporting their party’s nominee and 91% of Democrats backing their standard bearer. Independents prefer Trump (44%) over Clinton (30%), with 15% supporting Johnson.’

As is the same for most other races, Clinton has an overwhelming lead over Trump when it comes to support from non-white voters. She currently leads among these voters by 63 points, while Trump leads among white voters by 23 points. One major problem for Trump is the fact that a lot of white voters with college degrees are voting for Clinton instead of him.

There is still a large number of North Carolina voters who don’t have favorable views of either candidate. While 34 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of Trump, 54 percent see him as unfavorable. Similarly, 36 percent view Clinton favorably, and 52 percent have an unfavorable view of her.

When asked about who they felt would be better at “looking out for the little guy,” voters in North Carolina gave similar opinions of both candidates. Forty percent thought that Trump would look out for them, while 52 percent thought that he wouldn’t. Meanwhile, 42 percent said Clinton would do a good job of looking out for them, and 49 percent said she would not.

Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, said, “North Carolina has given us tight presidential races over the last two cycles and this year appears to be no different.” This is true, and if Clinton can get this red state to turn blue in the upcoming election, things could look very bad for Donald Trump on election night.

Although Trump is faring better in North Carolina than he is in any other red state, he hasn’t managed to get the same number of supporters in key battleground states as previous Republican candidates. Clinton is leading him in these states, and this recent change in North Carolina shows that he has some work to do to get things back in his favor. If Trump doesn’t make a change for the better really soon, he doesn’t stand a chance against Clinton in November.

Featured Image: Getty Images